Signal 88 Security Brings Franchise Candidates on Board with an Explanation of Company Vision
Signal 88 Security Brings Franchise Candidates on Board with an Explanation of Company Vision

The national security franchise sets out to partner with the right franchisees from the start.

A franchise system is only as strong as its network of local owners. That’s why Signal 88 Security’s CEO Reed Nyffeler realized that as potential franchisees show interest in joining the system, the very first step of the process should be to walk through the company’s vision, ultimately ensuring that there’s a full understanding of where the industry is headed in addition to the values of the company. He feels that it’s important for everyone to be on the same page from day one—that unity leads to franchisee success down the line.

According to Nyffeler, having extensive knowledge of the security industry from the get-go is critical, especially as the segment becomes more popular.

“Our ancestors came with weapons from the very beginning, and as we look at crime, it is continuing to grow with tragic events happening around the world on a regular basis,” said Nyffeler. “It’s a large market, and unfortunately, crime will continue to evolve.”

To introduce prospective franchisees to Signal 88’s vision as well as the brand’s place in the increasingly crowded security market, the concept hosts a webinar for its candidates known as its “Vision Call.” On the webinar, Nyffeler provides an overview of the brand’s business ownership opportunity within the $43 billion outsourced and in-home security industry and $23 billion outsourced contract security industry. He also notes that the revenues of the three industry leaders hit the $10.4 billion mark, putting Signal 88 Security in a position to help provide peace of mind in communities across the U.S. and internationally.

Nyffeler then elaborates on why Signal 88 is a better option than opening your own security business from scratch.

“Local owners can develop a more profitable business with a national presence that offers proven processes and systems,” Nyffeler said. “We’re here to provide peace of mind and to give people the chance to enjoy their lives freely.”

Nyffeler goes on in the Vision Call to discuss how Signal 88 is disrupting the traditional security business model. He mentions how the best franchisees are team captains that work together with their employees and have a strategy to focus on the company’s programs for success. Nyffeler also highlights why the patrol model that includes a uniformed officer and a highly visible vehicle is better than a dedicated model from a business perspective, and explains how it leads to enhanced results.

“We change people’s behavior with our system and model,” said Nyffeler. “We change crime activity of people because we have a presence and act as a deterrent.”

Nyffeler then discusses how the team provides training in the office and in the field, helping to guide franchisees in the weeks and months leading up to their openings. Nyffeler then gives a timeline of what franchisees can expect regarding work load, growth and success over the course of their first five years in business.

After setting Signal 88’s vision straight on this initial CEO address, Nyffeler breaks down the next steps for prospective franchisees to take, including filling out their work history online, and then setting up a call with a senior team member. Candidates then learn more about the brand and its core values while the corporate team learns more about the candidate’s goals. Prospective franchisees also review the brand’s Franchise Disclosure Document and learn more about how to move forward in the process while members of the Signal 88 team move on to the financial questionnaire and possible financing options. From there, franchisees are able to finalize their applications and attend a partner commitment day to validate that they’re in alignment with Signal 88’s investment.

From the moment a candidate inquires about owning a Signal 88 franchise through the Vision Call and beyond, the brand works to set its franchisees up for success. And as more local owners join the brand’s system, that supportive environment is only going to grow stronger.