Signal 88 Security Provides Support for Franchisees to be in Business for Themselves, but Not by Themselves
Signal 88 Security Provides Support for Franchisees to be in Business for Themselves, but Not by Themselves

How the leading security franchise offers training and education to lead franchisees to success

Franchise ownership requires the implementation of management skills, understanding how to follow procedures and systems, and dedication to the brand. However, in franchising, you don’t have to be an expert in marketing, accounting, and operations to be successful. Security service franchise Signal 88 Security offers support to its franchisees while allowing them to utilize and grow their personal business.

Kris Zeleny, Director of Payroll at Signal 88’s corporate office, explained how the team aids its franchise owners by processing payroll on their behalf.  “We know that they have a lot on their plates as business owners and like to provide them quality piece of mind in knowing that their money is going to the right people at the right time.”

Zeleny continued, “Our promise is to ensure that all of our franchise owners are value affirmed, meaning that we are keeping up with the status and progress of their business and are available for help in any department they might need,” She explained that payroll is not the only service provided by the Franchise Group.

Other departments offer support to franchise owners including accounting, sales assistance, marketing and web development, technical support, bookkeeping, lending programs, mentor groups, invoicing, and efficiency models.

Valerie Barnes, an employee in the Franchise Group’s accounting department, added, “Without our franchisees, we wouldn’t be in business. We want to help them as much as possible from ramping up before they open, providing ongoing training, and making sure they’re set up for success in the long run.”

And franchisees feel and acknowledge the support. Steve Saucier owns five Signal 88 locations with his brother Donnie. The two were named the No. 1 Franchise Producer for the franchise system in 2016. Steve believes that the corporate team provides owners with necessary resources that are designed to ensure the smooth operation of their personal business. From the day the franchise agreement is signed and through the rest of the business relationship, the Signal 88 Franchise Group stands by its owners.

Steve explained that before their opening day, they were set up with a sales manager from the Franchise Group who analyzed the market data in their area and spent two full days assisting them with sales calls. “The value of hands-on training is obviously immeasurable,” he said. “Signal 88 provides its franchisees with the most extensive and beneficial training to set them up for success from the beginning.”

Steve continued to explain that Signal 88 facilitates comprehensive networking between franchisees. This allows new owners to learn from the experience of other experts within the franchise network. The Franchise Group also provides educational opportunities for owners including an annual convention, daily sales advice, 88University, and different training sessions hosted around the country.

“We try to model ourselves after the corproate team in that we make available a plethora of online training videos through 88 University to supplement our field training,” said Steve. “We also ensure that a supervisor is on duty 24 hours a day to handle any immediate issues that may come up so that our customers feel safe and assured by our services.”

With the lead-by-example approach Signal 88 Security takes to ensuring its franchisees are well educated and set up for success, the brand provides peace of mind both for the communities being serviced and the franchise owners who service them.