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Forbes: Why Hosting Annual Events Matter for Improvement of Franchises

Structured and collaborative roundtable discussions help to improve brand development and the franchise system overall, Steve Beagelman writes.

By Kit Anderson1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 8:08AM 01/27/20

In a recent column for Forbes, Steve Beagelman, Founder and CEO of SMB Franchise Advisors, explored why annual events are one of the most efficient and effective means of imparting education capable of moving franchise brands forward.

For emerging brands, Beagelman writes, an event can be as simple as setting up a dinner as a forum—even something smaller in scope can serve as an important forum for building up relationships with franchisees and conveying best practices. To ensure annual events achieve the maximum possible benefit, franchisors should focus less on destination and more on opportunities for smaller scale discussion and the sharing of best practices among a franchise system, Beagelman noted. 

Franchisees also benefit from the opportunity to hear from industry experts during annual events. Lastly, a key member of the leadership team offering a 'State of the Company' is crucial for brand development.

"Ultimately, annual events are what you make them, and the franchisors that treat such gatherings as vital connection points with franchisees are in the best position to reap the benefits found in future growth," says Steve.

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