QSR Magazine: Smoothie King Launches New Summer Hydration line
QSR Magazine: Smoothie King Launches New Summer Hydration line

New Summer Hydration smoothies are designed to replenish key minerals using ingredients such as coconut water.

This summer, Smoothie King has made it easy for active individuals to grab a refreshing yet still healthy option on the go. The brand has launched a new Summer Hydration line that replenishes key minerals using ingredients such as Vita Coco coconut water and protein blend.

Professional volleyball players Emily Day and Brooke Sweat have been brought on for the launch, as they understand the importance of staying hydrated while being active in the summer heat.

"...beach volleyball players fit that descriptor perfectly because we're competing in the sun. Hydration and nutrition are very important to us," Day told QSR. She went on to say, "Yes [the hydration line] works well with athletes and people who are competing or training for something, but an everyday person who's just looking to quench their thirst or taste something really fruity, the hydration smoothies are awesome."

When searching for the perfect ingredients, Smoothie King felt that watermelon was a great fit for inclusion. However, Gettys also emphasized that the brand always starts the smoothie creation process with one main goal, and chooses ingredients that will accomplish this.

"We always try and start with a purpose in mind," Gettys told QSR. "We don't always go for just flavor; our menu is pretty heavily based on designing smoothies that have a specific nutritional purpose."

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