The Bradenton Times: Local Florida Smoothie King Wins Store Of The Year Award
The Bradenton Times: Local Florida Smoothie King Wins Store Of The Year Award

Bradenton, Florida's Smoothie King took home the top prize at the brand's 2016 convention.

The Smoothie King franchise system celebrated an increase in growth at the recent Franchise Convention in New Orleans, LA. Nearly 850 of their franchisees, vendors, and corporate team members gathered at the annual convention to acknowledge the accomplishments and milestones made the previous year, while brainstorming fresh ideas to duel continued growth for the upcoming year.

People from all over the globe gathered to listen as the corporate team recognized some of the top performers of sales successes, including Dave Catrone who won Store of the Year in 2015.

The award was directed to Cotrone's Smoothie King location at 3816 Manatee Avenue in Bradenton. Catrone believes the key to his success is his attention to consistency, with a goal of remaining at the top of the system.

"We strive to be the best Smoothie King that exists. Period," he said.

Tom O'Keefe, chief operating officer comments on the impact of franchisees like Catrone.

"As the company enters its 43rd year in business, it's clear that Smoothie King wouldn't be where it is today without our strong system of dedicated franchisees," he said.

"My employees strive for, and are just as obsessed as I am, with this goal of being the absolute best Smoothie King in the world," Catrone said.

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