SoBol Launches Aggressive Development Plans; Aims to Develop Popular Concept Throughout the East Coast
SoBol Launches Aggressive Development Plans; Aims to Develop Popular Concept Throughout the East Coast

With a strong presence on Long Island, SoBol is looking to grow outward in New York and beyond.

Long Island might be 3,000 miles away from California, but that isn’t stopping residents from eating like the West Coast locals do.

Thanks to SoBol, the Northeast got its first taste of acai bowls back in 2014. While attending school in San Diego, California, Jason Mazzarone tried these healthy frozen treats. Enamored by the flavor—and the health benefits that came along with it—Mazzarone later decided to bring those flavors back home with him to Sayville, New York by whipping up his own version of this West Coast favorite.

“We thought it would be exciting to bring a store like this to Long Island. This is an incredible product for someone who’s into healthy living. But regardless of your diet plan or lifestyle, more and more people are gravitating toward our product simply because it tastes great,” Mazzarone said. “In a world where fast food is often synonymous with unhealthy food, SoBol is proving that you don’t have to sacrifice nutrition for flavor and convenience.”

At SoBol, only top quality ingredients are used. A layer of homemade granola, made at the Sayville store, is put on the bottom of a clear container. Next comes a beautiful layer of blended acai, another layer of granola, and finally a topping of bananas, strawberries, blueberries, shaved coconut and honey. Specialty toppings (for a dollar extra) include pineapple, mango, kiwi, Nutella, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, cookie butter, homemade almond butter and homemade peanut butter. Keeping things local, the almond and peanut butters come from Long Island based Laurel’s Butter, where all natural ingredients are used.

It’s a model that has consistently proved itself year after year. This is why Mazzarone decided to franchise his business back in 2016. And it’s why SoBol already has 15 units sold throughout Long Island. And now, the brand is actively targeting new locations beyond its home base—and they’re in search of experienced and passionate franchisees to help lead the charge.

Thanks to the built-in brand awareness in the areas surrounding Long Island, Mazzarone believes an outward expansion is the next logical step for the brand—especially considering the fact that Long Island is nearly sold out already. But beyond the brand recognition, it’s the area’s demographics and lifestyle that makes SoBol the perfect fit for the area.

And judging by the success of one of the first franchised locations in Syosset, New York, that makes for a pretty sweet recipe—business has been booming since owner Craig Giorgio opened his doors.

“There are two important things working in our favor as we continue expanding throughout New York—this is a state with a strong health-conscious culture and a state filled with foodies,” Mazzarone said. “When the doors open in Syosset, it quickly became a destination for foodies from near and far. That really showed us that we had the potential to grow beyond our hometown. It also showed us just how great—and far reaching--the demand actually was.”

With locations already in Sayville, Syosset, Rockville Center and, soon, Massapequa, it’s clear that Long Island SoBol is already a hit New York with its one-of-a-kind acai bowls. And now, by offering an affordable franchisee fee of $15,000, a proven business model, and a simple product line, Long Island SoBol is now on its way to dominating not just Long Island—but the rest of New York, too.

“In the short time that we’ve been franchising, SoBol is already a hit. Our dedication to original recipes and homemade ingredients makes us different than any of the other competitors out there, and customers and entrepreneurs alike are taking notice,” Mazzarone said. “We’re looking forward to bringing our acai bowls to more customers than ever before in the years ahead.”