Social 25: These Franchise Brands Own Social Media
Social 25: These Franchise Brands Own Social Media

Part 2: Emerging franchise brands with 25 to 99 locations.

You don’t have to have over 100 units to make a splash on social media. These 25 emerging franchise brands are posting, tweeting and instagraming their way to the top. Check out the Social Media 25 Power Ranking list for emerging brands and let us know what you think about these franchise’s social efforts.

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes

Great photography, catchy copy and a solid brand personality make MOOYAH Burges, Fries & Shakes’ social media presence stand out. The brand is making its mark by staying true to its brand presence and highlighting its wide variety of menu items.

At Toppers Pizza, a unique experience is always on the menu. That also applies to its social media presence. The Whitewater, Wisconsin-based brand shows off its unique personality by engaging with younger consumers on their social pages. By using trending topics, great photography and its unique attitude, this brand is tweeting and posting its way onto the newsfeeds of fans.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

With almost 100,000 Facebook fans, the Sky Zone Trampoline Park is showing potential customers how much fun they will have at Sky Zone. The posts on their social pages feature great videos and photos showing fans having fun. The brand also utilizes user-generated content to show off fan photos. It’s a great way to let fans see how other people are engaging with the brand.

Buffalo Wings & Rings

The Buffalo Wings & Rings social media presence provides fans with an all-over elevated experience. That is because the Ohio-based chain has a solid brand identity that shines through on social media. The social pages bring the VIP experience to fans by using great food photography, on-brand images and engaging posts that encourage interaction.

Anago Cleaning Systems

Anago Cleaning Systems has been able to show fans how they are able to tie their brand into trending topics, office fun and cleaning tips on their social pages. By utilizing great images, article links and videos, Anago is finding a way to bring commercial cleaning into the social conversation.

Best in Class Education Center

If you’re looking for a family-friendly social media account to follow, then look toward Best in Class Education Center. The franchise’s brand page features engaging educational posts to encourage fans and their children to sit down and learn together.

Honest-1 Auto Care

If you’re taking a road trip, love cars or just want to know more about your vehicle, make sure to “like” the Honest-1 Auto Care page. The brand translates its woman- and millennial-focused approach to social media by offering tips, tricks and valuable information.

CKO Kickboxing

Franchising is a focal point of the CKO Kickboxing page. The brand shows potential franchises why this trendy brand may be a great fit for them with their use of photos, videos and new location openings.

Chicken Salad Chick

Chicken salad has taken center stage on the Chicken Salad Chick social pages. The brand does a great job of including its quirky product into fun, trending posts. The company also uses great photography and franchise location events.

Zoup! Fresh Soup Company

Zoup! Fresh Soup Company is utilizing its products to create great content on its pages. The Zoup! social pages have seamlessly placed their soups in the spotlight of every trending food holiday and event. Whether it’s Best Friends Day or Fruit and Vegetable Month, designed images and clever copy bring the brand into the conversation.

Welcomemat Services

Just as Welcomemat Services welcomes new families to a community, their social media presence welcomes fans to their company. The brand page gives fans an inside look at the company. From showing pictures of Welcomemat Services group outings and sharing thank you notes from movers to letting fans know how they can become a franchisee, visiting their social channels is like visiting a friend.

Pirtek USA

If you want to know more about Pirtek USA, look no further than their social media pages. The brand does a great job of highlighting great PR placements on the page. It’s a great way to connect with potential franchisees and keep current franchise owners informed, involved and excited about Pirtek USA’s social media.

Doc Popcorn

Just like the brand’s bright and happy logo, the Doc Popcorn social media pages make fans smile. Using graphic images on the page ties the brand to holidays and events by highlighting popcorn in their fun, family-friendly designs. In addition to that, the brand does a great job spotlighting franchise locations.

Crunch Fitness 

Get ready to feel the burn on the Crunch Fitness social pages. The brand does a great job of bringing their gym to the newsfeeds of fans by highlighting new programs, sharing workouts and tips and using inspiring shareable images. It’s a place where gym-goers can find inspiration and information from Crunch.

Big Apple Bagels

The humble bagel has become a star on the Big Apple Bagels pages. The brand with about 42,000 Facebook fans is bringing its product into social conversations by making it relevant. The brand showed what the fan favorite bagel in Chicago and Tampa Bay, Florida is to tie into the NHL Finals. In addition to that, the franchise brand uses user-generated content to showcase its products on the page.

Engineering for Kids

The Engineering for Kids social pages are helping kids get excited about engineering. The brand does a great job sharing articles that show how engineering can be fun for kids on their pages. It’s an easy way to spark interest and get children excited about learning.

Hurricane Grill & Wings

Island vibes are plentiful on the Hurricane Grill & Wings social media pages. The brand is able to seamlessly tie together its menu items with a costal feel. From utilizing great trending images to sharing information about the marine animals that inhabit the coast, there is a wide variety of posts on the Hurricane Grill & Wings pages.

Brickhouse Cardio Club

If you’re looking for a class at the Brickhouse Cardio Club, make sure to check out their social pages. The brand does a great job of keeping fans up-to-date with class schedules each month.


KidzArt is making art accessible for kids everywhere on their social pages. The brand does a great job sharing articles and blog posts that focus on art created by children and about the importance of art education. This is a great destination for families to be inspired to create with their kids.

Mac Tools

From race day to everyday, the Mac Tools social presence is making tools, tool boxes and electronics the star of the show. The brand uses its partnership with the NHSA to bring race day action to fans. They also utilize great imagery and fun content to make a Mac Tools garage the place to be.

Tilted Kilt

There is no confusion to what social account you’re on when looking at the Tilted Kilt social media pages. The brand proudly showcases its staff wearing the brands signature outfits on the pages. While this may not be the most family-friendly page, the photos and promotion of alcoholic drinks keeps the over-21 crowd in mind with content planning.

Boulder Designs by Bold Impressions

If you’re in need of inspiration for creating a custom boulder, check out the Boulder Designs by Bold Impressions Facebook page. The page does a great job showcasing custom-made products in its posts. It shows fans what is possible if they are looking for a boulder to add to their yard.

Great Wraps Grill

If you want to meet Spencer Reid, make sure to follow Great Wraps Grill on Facebook. OK, not the Spencer Reid from the hit T.V. show “Criminal Minds,” but Spencer Reid from Great Wraps Grill for franchising information. The brand has utilized Facebook to allow fans to gain a closer connection and interest in reaching out for franchise information from the brand.

Pro Image Sports

Sports, sports and more sports is what you will get when you’re on the Pro Image Sports social pages. The brand connects with fans by showing great moments from games and championships and tying it back to the brand by using its products.

Seva Beauty

The fast-casual spa, Seva Beauty, is utilizing its social presence to inspire its over 32,000 Facebook fans. The brand utilizes images of powerful women, inspirational quotes and product and sale promotions to keep fans interested and engaged.