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Social Geek Radio: Sharing Your Brand Story

Brand Journalists CEO Thomas Scott discusses ways for brands to share their stories with the right people.

For this week's Social Geek Radio podcast, hosts Jack Monson and Deb Evans spoke with Brand Journalists CEO Thomas Scott about IFA and the panel he’ll take part in. At 9:00 a.m. on Monday morning of IFA, January 30th, Scott will discuss the various ways in which emerging brands (meaning 25 units or less) can drive growth. “It’s a super competitive market,” Scott says of the market for smaller brands.

He says the danger of small brands attending a conference like IFA is that they might soak up and try to implement the wrong type of advice. Smaller brands, he says, need to address growth much differently than larger brands. For instance, it’s incredibly important for emerging brands to define their brand story, as well as share it with the right people in the right places.

“People are getting into persona marketing, which determines who you’re really marketing to,” says Scott of reaching the right business partners. “Build a brand story aimed at that person... The secret to unlocking and breaking down the barriers to discovery, that you connect in a more real way with the right type of buyer. You kind of earn their attention.”

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