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Social Geek Radio: Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2017

Marketing communications specialist Liane Caruso shares her thoughts on what to expect in the new year.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
Updated 10:10AM 01/06/17

Deb Evans and Jack Monson host marketing communications specialist Liane Caruso for Social Geek Radio’s first podcast of the new year. Working with franchise brands on social media marketing and management, Liane enjoys helping businesses create strong identities and develop content. For this week’s topic, the trio discussed their predictions of how businesses will utilize social media for marketing initiatives throughout 2017.

Key points of the conversation turned to Facebook and live video. Monson predicts more and more companies will turn to Facebook to function as the epicenter of online business. “There’s nothing that Facebook isn’t going to just roll over this year. They’ll take it and make it part of their own Facebook experience and give you pretty much no reason to go anywhere else on the Internet,” says Monson.

“Your Facebook business page is essentially going to be the face of your business,” adds Deb Evans. “People are going to go there first if they don’t already.”

Liane feels that live video is going to be especially popular in 2017, saying that she’s already seeing more businesses get creative with live streaming. “Live video is probably the biggest thing we’re going to see this year… It will be interesting to see how marketers take that and grow with that this year. Some brands are doing it already… I think some of the smaller brands are going to do even better at it because they’re local and really real."

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