A Twitter Trend for Franchise Brands
A Twitter Trend for Franchise Brands

Should Franchise systems have a Twitter account for each franchisee?

One or Many?

For several years most successful digital marketers with multiple
locations or franchises have “gone local with social” and built a social
media page or account for each location. This continues to be the
winning strategy with Facebook.

But a trend I’m seeing from brand marketers is to merge multiple
local Twitter accounts into one account for all brand awareness, news,
and customer feedback for the entire brand. The areas where Twitter is currently most useful are increasingly being housed centrally instead of for each individual location.

What about all of the other platforms and channels? Which are best
for a local presence versus a global / national brand voice?  Here’s my
recommended number of pages your system should have:

Facebook: 1 brand page + 1 page per location

Google+: 1 brand page + 1 page per location

LinkedIn: 1 company page per brand

Instagram: 1 account per brand

Snapchat: 1 account per brand

YouTube: 1 channel per brand

Twitter: 1 account per brand

Why is there a difference for Facebook and Google+? Why should these
two – and only these two – have multiple pages? It’s the local or
regional presence that is resonating on Facebook with local engagement
and converting search results on Google to local store traffic. Think of
Facebook and Google+ pages in the same way you would think of websites
for each individual location or franchisee.  Even for service brands
like cleaning and maintenance services without a storefront,
conversations and conversions are happening locally through these two
platforms. But, the other platforms are skewing to centralized, national
brand engagement and conversations.

Multiple Departments?

What about multiple Twitter accounts for multiple departments or
functions within a brand? No - not even a separate account for “customer
service.” Your brand on Twitter is your entire brand. Customers don’t
care about your fiefdoms!

The multiple Facebook and Google+ pages should only be
location-specific and nothing else. From a national level there should
only be one page. Far too many franchisors still employ separate
Facebook pages for consumer marketing and franchise sales marketing. As
discussed at this year’s IFA convention in the Facebook for Franchise Sales session,
don’t have a separate page for Fran Dev!  Use targeted ads and boosted
posts to hit candidates with specific messages about owning a franchise.