Why Social Media Should Be Used By Law Professionals
Why Social Media Should Be Used By Law Professionals

Samantha Collier, social media influencer in Canada joins Social Media hosts Deb Evans and Jack Monson to discuss how and why law firms and legal professionals should add social media to their marketing campaigns.

Samantha Collier founded the Social Media for Law Firms blog in 2010, and working in the law firm realm for 10+ years, Samantha aligned her two passions: law firm marketing and social media to become one of the biggest legal social media influencers in Canada.

Previously, Samantha was the business development director at MBM Intellectual Property Law LLP, a prominent Canadian IP firm. Samantha contributes much of her success to the Managing Partners at MBM. Most law firms shied away from social media in 2010, obviously, MBM didn’t.


Facebook live is hot! Did you know that you can find live streams around the world by logging into your Facebook account and on the left side of your profile, under APPS click Live Video?

If Facebook live is new to you, below are a few steps to get started:

  1. Log into Facebook from your Smartphone. If you want to go live from your desktop, WIN10 offers an app
  2. Click on status update box
  3. Don't forget a title!
  4. Click the silhouette for live video live video icon
  5. Check your camera. Do you want the camera front facing or forward?
  6. Click Go Live!

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