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From Insurance to Sport Clips Franchisees: Why Two New Investors with Risk Management Backgrounds Decided to Invest

After being fully immersed in Sport Clips’ strong culture at the 2017 Annual Huddle, Peter Barrios and Ken Trimmer are even more excited about their decisions to join Sport Clips Haircuts

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSORED 8:20PM 04/19/18

After spending years as the owner of one of the largest insurance agencies in Southern California, Peter Barrios was ready to diversify his portfolio. He knew his next business venture would be in franchising, but when it came to settling on the perfect concept, he had a bit of searching to do. That’s when a friend referred him to Sport Clips.

Similarly, Ken and Claudia Trimmer have enjoyed business success in both insurance and property management. Recently, they started to look toward retirement and an exit strategy from their day jobs. With many offers over the years to purchase their insurance agency, the Trimmers began to think about long term financial and lifestyle goals, and eventual transition into retirement. 

Both are new—and totally unrelated—franchisees to Sport Clips. What makes a business owner with a career in risk management decide Sport Clips is the right next move? For Barrios, the answer was simple—its unrivaled business culture.

“They know what kind of character, morals, and qualities to look for in Team Leaders, and it transcends the entire system,” Barrios says.  “I saw how invested the entire Sport Clips support team is in its Team Leaders and our success. They make sure we have the support and the tools we need to really thrive. Entering into the salon industry after years of working in insurance, a lot of things were new to me.”

Barrios officially signed on for his new location in the Inland Empire of California  in August 2016—a short 20 days after he attended Discovery Day.

Similarly, the Trimmers were impressed by the consistency and quality of care from location to location. They were inspired by the unparalleled support and training systems, established marketing programs, and widespread brand recognition. It didn’t take long for them to narrow down their choices to the hair care sector. While neither Ken nor Claudia had any experience in the industry, they saw many similarities between their insurance and property management businesses and owning a salon.

Both franchisees note Sport Clips’ Annual National Huddle has continued to serve as a strong source of their motivation. Nearly 18 years ago, a few managers and a handful of vendors gathered in a small conference room, marking the beginning of this now yearly event. Since then, the Sport Clips National Huddle has grown exponentially, and most recently, more than 3,000 attendees came to Las Vegas for the high-energy conference, which celebrates the brand’s steadfast commitment to its values and culture.

For Barrios, this event was his first and served as validation of his decision to invest in the brand. “Thanks to this event, I left even more excited, energized, and eager to start a new chapter with a brand I genuinely believe in,” he notes.

Today, Barrios is gearing up to open his salon in late July, and he’s planning to bring everything he learned at the Huddle along with him. The energy he brought away from the event will help to fuel his upcoming grand opening and his success in the years ahead.

“From the general sessions to the breakout sessions, Stylists, Team Leaders and the support team all came together to share in their passion for this brand. It was so refreshing to see,” Barrios adds. “It’s an opportunity to learn about new initiatives and new technology. It’s also a time to get everyone pumped up for the year ahead. It brings the whole company together, and the energy is palpable the second you walk through those halls. I’m even more excited now to get my Sport Clips salon up and running.”

Ken and Claudia Trimmer shared a similar experience during their first Huddle.  After deciding to invest in a franchise, the Trimmers got to know more about Sport Clips. But it wasn’t until they attended the Huddle that they realized just how strong the Sport Clips system is. During this event, they fell in love with the team culture Sport Clips has long fostered, and that culture helped to align the brand with their own long-term goals in the months and years ahead.

“The Huddle motivated us. It filled us with a deep passion for this next chapter in our lives. That kind of comradery is something few brands can replicate, and it reaffirmed our decision to invest,” says Ken. “We left feeling inspired and excited to be a part of the Sport Clips team.”

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