How Adam Moskowitz’s Small Business Roots Helped Him Rise Through the Ranks in Franchising
How Adam Moskowitz’s Small Business Roots Helped Him Rise Through the Ranks in Franchising

As the business director of Sport Clips’ company owned stores, Moskowitz is working to motivate team leaders and fuel success across the brand’s entire system.

For Adam Moskowitz, franchising has always played a critical role in his career.

He got his start in the industry working as a marketing coordinator for The UPS Store in Arizona back in 2004, where his goal was to help local franchisees grow their businesses. After helping get the word out about the brand’s business ownership opportunity, he moved up to become an area operations support representative. It was that position that taught him what makes a franchise business tick, ultimately inspiring him to become an operations manager on both the local and regional levels before taking on a role as a regional franchise consultant. So by the time he accepted a job with Sport Clips, he was thoroughly versed in how to make a franchise system successful.

Moskowitz has also moved up through the ranks during his time with Sport Clips—his hard work as an area director in California led him to his current role as the director overseeing operations of the brand’s 43 company owned stores. But according to Moskowitz, his success in franchising stems from his roots. The UPS Store wasn’t his first foray into the world of business—he grew up working in his father’s office supplies store.

“Working for my dad’s small family business has been an important piece of the puzzle for me as I’ve worked my way up in the franchising industry. I grew up with a strong understanding of what it means to provide great customer service and the hard work that goes into making ends meet in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” Moskowitz said. “I’ve taken everything that I learned from my dad’s business and applied it to my career in franchising. It’s that same attention to detail and customer service that ultimately sets our local owners apart in their communities.”

That ability to help others launch successful careers drives Moskowitz to continue moving forward in the industry. Before breaking into franchising, he says that he wasn’t fully aware of the career opportunities that it presents to aspiring entrepreneurs across the country. But now that he’s actively involved, he recognizes that franchising is about more than a financial return on an investment.

“If a franchise system is well-designed and properly executed by a franchisee or team leader, it has the potential to be so much more than an investment that returns dividends. At its core, franchising is a truly enjoyable experience for people who want to be in business by themselves and be their own boss,” said Moskowitz. “Nothing brings me more pride than seeing someone successfully launch their own business. It’s incredibly rewarding to see people excel, and I’m grateful to be in a position that allows me to help them along the way.”

While Moskowitz was working as an area director for Sport Clips, he took a very hands-on approach to moving the brand—and its franchisees—forward. Between meeting one on one with team leaders in the field to consulting on how to make individual businesses better, Moskowitz was involved on a more local level. Now, as the director of Sport Clips’ company owned stores, his approach to furthering the brand’s growth is different.

Today, Moskowitz’s days are filled with setting a high standard for the brand’s entire system, which includes exceeding goals. While he still works directly with area coaches, Moskowitz also spends his time analyzing what’s allowing Sport Clips to be successful from a business standpoint while still keeping the brand’s values top of mind. And according to Moskowitz, that means that there’s no such thing as a typical day at the office.

“No two days are alike. We’re constantly working to find ways to take the Sport Clips brand to the next level, whether that starts in our company-owned stores or on the team leader level,” said Moskowitz. “It’s in our DNA to be innovative, and every member of our team shares that same passion to change the game.”

One way in which Moskowitz is motivating the brand’s entire system to outperform themselves is by setting ambitious goals at its company-owned stores. Most recently, the brand’s salon in Georgetown, Texas set out to beat the previous record for weekly sales. In order to make it happen, Moskowitz decided to engage the local community and give back charities. Between April 9 and 15, $5 from every signature haircut completed at the salon was donated to one of seven local charities that clients were able to select. Sport Clips clients also had the ability to donate haircuts to kids in need in addition to providing the active duty soldiers at nearby Fort Hood with grooming products. To say that the Georgetown store succeeded would be an understatement—the salon did $41,111 in sales that week, and donated a total of $13,168 in goods and services to local charities.

Based on that success, Moskowitz says that finding new ways to tap into the local communities that the brand serves is going to play a bigger role in his day-to-day schedule. Going forward, his goal is to continue enhancing Sport Clips’ company-owned stores in an effort to pave the way for other team leaders.

“At the end of the day, my top priority is ensuring that Sport Clips is headed in the right direction,” said Moskowitz.  “By engaging the communities that we call home—even in cities where our stores are company-owned—we’re reminding consumers that we’re a locally owned business. That’s what leads to strong support and the ability to drive new clients to our salons.”