Incredible Support and a Proven System Helped Jean-Bernard Dahmoune Create His Own American Dream
Incredible Support and a Proven System Helped Jean-Bernard Dahmoune Create His Own American Dream

Leaving France for a new career opportunity in the United States, Dahmoune has not been afraid to take chances. Now he has the support of an established and proven system to pursue his personal and financial goals

Throughout his career, Jean-Bernard Dahmoune has sometimes found the greater the leap, the greater the reward. Dahmoune first learned this when he accepted a position at a multinational company that brought him to the U.S. from his native France. Wanting more control over his time and future, he decided it was time to take another leap, this time becoming a franchise owner. “Both of these decisions have been the best moves of my career,” explains Dahmoune. “Stepping outside of my comfort zone and saying ‘yes’ to these opportunities have had major benefits.”

Dahmoune knew he wanted to diversify his investments and pave his way for an early retirement from a corporate lifestyle. He decided he wanted to go into business for himself. Opening a business can be time-consuming and difficult to do alone, so he began to look at franchising. He found a semi-absentee business model, like that of Sport Clips Haircuts, best suited his personal and lifestyle goals. The model would allow him to continue his day job while building the business.

After initially looking into several restaurant franchises, Dahmoune quickly realized he wasn’t interested in dealing with industry challenges like food preparation regulations, spoilage issues and product and paper costs. Looking for something with a simpler business model that was less susceptible to recession, Dahmoune noticed the salon industry. “Haircutting cannot be automated,” Dahmoune says. “Sport Clips is about creating a customer experience, and that can’t be outsourced. The Team Members are passionate about what they do. Everything from the store layout to the excellent customer service is all designed to create a positive Client experience. It is all about adding value.”

Knowing Sport Clips was a company he wanted to be a part of, Dahmoune began to learn more about franchising with the brand. When asked about the discovery process, Dahmoune remarks, “I appreciated how clear and transparent the entire process was. It was very clear about what I could and could not expect. That is important when making such a big decision.”

Sport Clips’ approach to growth was also a key deciding factor for Dahmoune. “They have handled their growth very responsibly,” he explains. “They are selective about who they allow into their network, which has made that network even stronger.”

Dahmoune points to Discovery Day as a big moment in the process for him. “This company was not created overnight, and their system is backed by an unparalleled expertise gained through experience,” he states. “Meeting the founder, Gordon Logan, was so insightful. He was very approachable and candid. It showed the strength of the leadership and organization. I left Discovery Day very impressed.”

Once he signed on to become an owner, Dahmoune continued to be impressed with the brand. He points to the support systems Sport Clips has in place as part of the reason for his success, in particular the support provided by his region’s Area Developers, Phil and Laurie Brown.

“As soon as I signed on, the Browns got right to work on making sure I was on the right track,” Dahmoune explains. “They let me know of potential challenges and gave me some helpful tips and contacts. I am very lucky to have the Browns on my side. They keep me on track. This is my first time doing this, and they are there to remind me of what my next steps are. They are very organized and have been by my side throughout the entire process.”

From finding the right location to the build-out process, to hiring a manager and staff to the grand opening, the Browns were right there with Dahmoune, helping him identify what his next steps were and managing his expectations.

“Every week, they were checking in with me,” he says. “Their help was instrumental in getting the store ready for its grand opening and is part of what has helped keep the store on track and successful since.”

Dahmoune points to Phil and Laurie’s complementary strengths as what makes them a great team and valuable assets to the Pacific Northwest network. With Phil handling site visits when Dahmoune wasn’t available and Laurie providing guidance on how to analyze store data, the Browns offered their support from the beginning, and are still available to Dahmoune and his team one year after opening.

“Your store is only as good as your team, and Phil helped me build the best team,” states Dahmoune. “Laurie has helped me see growth rates and trends, and shows me how to course correct. They both are still very involved. The support is incredible.”

The location of the second store is still being identified, and he is looking forward to moving forward. When asked about how he feels about his decision to franchise with Sport Clips, he is quick to state how happy he is with his decision.

“This is not a brand that sells licenses and then leaves you in the dark,” Dahmoune says. “Right up there with coming to the United States, this has been one of the best decisions of my professional career. If you follow the system, it works. Becoming a franchisee has challenged me in new and exciting ways. It has really expanded my career and has helped me create a future I am excited about.”

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