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Johnny Weber: Multi-Unit Franchise Owner, Area Developer and Brand Ambassador has Turned Sport Clips into a Way of Life

A passion for the Sport Clips culture, including wearing brand logos all day, every day, has propelled this entrepreneur’s success to record-breaking levels and he is helping others do the same.  

By Nicole Wells1851 Contributor
SPONSORED 8:20PM 04/19/18

Johnny Weber has never met a stranger. Everywhere he goes he meets a new friend and his energy is infectious. His passion and enthusiasm is evident when he talks about Sport Clips. “Sport Clips is one of the coolest brands out there,” says Weber. “The flat screen TVs and the MVP Experience are just the sizzle on the steak. Each store has a great vibe and energy that contribute to a great customer experience each and every time. And the core values that drive the company are truly special and set us apart from other brands.” 

This has been an award-winning year for Weber, who received the 2017 Most Valuable Performer Award at the recent Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in Las Vegas, and is featured on the cover of Franchise Business Review magazine. In his short eight-and-a-half years as a multi-unit owner and area developer, Weber has become a leading ambassador for the brand, and was recently honored at the Sport Clips Annual Huddle with “The Sporty Award” (named for the company’s mascot), for turning Sport Clips’ culture into a way of life. With no end in sight to the expansion of his franchise empire, Weber continues to spread his enthusiasm for the brand to everyone he encounters. 

After graduating college, Weber initially went into farming. He quickly realized he was more of an entrepreneur and traded in his tractor for an office. After years of working for different companies, Weber finally decided he had enough of working for someone else. He wanted something he could own that would present opportunities for unlimited income potential. He began to look for business models that made owning multiple units a priority. 

The Sport Clips business model quickly caught the eager entrepreneur’s interest. With its manage-the-manager structure and highly scalable offerings, he realized this was what he was looking for. Weber remarks, “When you buy a Sport Clips franchise, you are not buying a job, you are making an investment you can build into something big. And because haircuts can’t be outsourced or automated, your risk is minimized.”

From his initial role as a franchisee, and then multi-unit owner, Weber went on to buy the development rights to several territories. Today he owns 54 stores, with seven more set to open this year, and supports close to 150 stores in his role as an area developer. Though his network has grown substantially, he makes maintaining a close-knit culture a top priority. 

“It is important for my team and me to know those in our development area on a personal level. Getting to know each other’s families and spending time together is important,” Weber says. “We have barbecues, contests and rallies. Our culture is focused around setting goals and motivating each other to reach them. Sport Clips is really a lifestyle for us.”

Part of that lifestyle is providing unparalleled support to those in his area of development while walking them through the entire franchise start-up process and beyond. From assisting in the real estate search to helping negotiate their letter of intent for the lease to the design and build-out process to manager and staff training to grand opening support, Weber’s team works to cover all facets of the business. “We provide ongoing support to our owners and their staff. We routinely do success checks to ensure brand standards are being met,” states Weber. “We are always available to help troubleshoot and problem solve while celebrating successes and victories.”

His hands-on, proactive approach to the brand doesn’t stop there. With his personal motto of “always be branded, all day, every day,” Weber demonstrates the power of brand recognition and local marketing.  Aside from driving cars wrapped with the company logo and always wearing logoed apparel, Weber takes it even further. He gives Sport Clips as his name when his local coffee shop asks for one to write on the cup. He makes dinner reservations under the brand name. And he is always prepared to hand out coupons to anyone he meets.  “Everywhere we go, we leave a little Sport Clips glitter,” he explains. Through his community and charity involvement, that glitter is gleaming with the Sport Clips values of “Do what’s right. Do your best. Treat others the way they want to be treated.”  

This dynamic brand ambassador is representative of the supportive and affirming culture Sport Clips has cultivated. Weber is a testament to how Sport Clips’ strong system, with a scalable and proven business model, can help entrepreneurs reach their personal and financial goals. Johnny Weber is an asset to the Sport Clips network. His dedication and passion to the brand and eagerness to help others achieve success for themselves only continues to grow, bringing the brand and its values to new markets. 

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