Sport Clips Offers Successful Diversification Strategy for Multi-Unit and Multi-Brand Franchisees
Sport Clips Offers Successful Diversification Strategy for Multi-Unit and Multi-Brand Franchisees

Brothers Jesse and Charles Keyser own 14 open Sport Clips locations as well as the licenses to develop 12 additional units in the future.

For Jesse and Charles Keyser, franchising is a family business. The brothers are veterans in the industry—with Little Caesars, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning and Sport Clips locations, they bring years of experience across different types of brands to the table. That diversity in their portfolio has enabled the Keyser brothers to see success both as multi-unit and multi-brand franchisees. But their Sports Clips franchises have opened the door to a unique opportunity that can’t be found in other models.

“The franchising business model is something that’s proven itself to be successful time and time again. When franchisors are able to take care of establishing a system and handling research and development efforts for anything new, I’m able to focus all of my time and energy on operations. That’s invaluable to me as a business owner,” said Jesse. “By adding Sport Clips’ simple system to our network of brands, we’ve been able to tap into this level of flexibility that’s hard to find.”

That ability to be flexible is what makes Sport Clips a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to break into a new industry. For restaurant franchisees like the Keyser brothers, franchising with Sport Clips enables them to grow their business without having to be on site at multiple salons on a daily basis.

“Sport Clips, which operates as a service-based franchise, has a few less moving parts than brands within the restaurant industry. It gives us the chance to have salons located farther away from our home base because we don’t need to worry about specific equipment,” said Charles. “It also helps that our salons are staffed with extremely talented stylists. They’re the reason our customer loyalty is so strong.”

The advantages Sport Clips’ model offers—compared to those of a quick service restaurant—don’t stop there. The salon business isn’t impacted by external market forces the way a pizza chain is. For example, salons will never have to worry about keeping up with the fluctuating price of cheese or produce. Sport Clips also eliminates product costs, spoilage concerns and expensive buildout costs, ultimately boosting its franchisees’ bottom lines.

The Keyser brothers first decided to diversify with Sport Clips because of the brand’s unique concept. They noticed that there was a real need for quality salons that offered a true, MVP haircut experience in the cities where they operated Little Caesars restaurants. The only competition in those areas didn’t take advantage of the local marketing opportunities that the brothers firmly believe in.

As soon as Jesse and Charles opened up their salons and introduced the Sport Clips’ concept to new communities, they were able to hit the ground running. The brand’s commitment to offering every customer the best possible experience is a differentiator that doesn’t go unnoticed by consumers. The Keyser brothers are still experiencing impressive growth—they currently own 14 open locations and have the licenses for 12 more Sport Clips units. Their plan is to open one new franchise every quarter.

“Sport Clips is really in a league of its own in the salon industry. The brand has been instrumental in fueling our expansion efforts, and we’re excited to continue growing in the future,” said Charles.

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