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The Path to Greater Personal and Financial Freedom of Multi-Unit Sport Clips Haircuts Owners

How this former auto-industry selling manager found a way to quit his day job and pave a path to greater financial and personal freedoms through his investment in Sport Clips Haircuts.

By Nicole Wells1851 Contributor
SPONSORED 12:12PM 10/31/17

In late 2014, Jeff Burroughs made a big decision. He decided to leave his job as a selling manager in the auto industry to focus on his growing number of Sport Clips Haircuts stores. What started out as a revenue stream to supplement his income had become an exit strategy from his current job and a way for him to obtain his personal and financial goals, not someone else’s.  

This journey toward greater independence began in 2009 when Burroughs opened his first Sport Clips store.  At the time, he was working 60 hours a week at his day job. Initially, he invested in Sport Clips to generate extra income as a cushion for slowing sales numbers in the auto industry.

Burroughs notes, “There is limited growth potential in the car business and it is susceptible to economic downturns. I wanted to invest in a simple and scalable business model that was less dependent on economic cycles.”

Over the next six years, Burroughs opened five more stores. As his sixth store was set to open, he resolved to stop working overtime for someone else and focus instead on his own growing returns.

Of his decision to leave his job, Burroughs says, “It came to a point where I knew it was time to take control of my future. I could stay mediocre and make someone else a ton of money, or I could bring my business to a whole new level.”

And elevating his business to a whole new level is exactly what he did, adding significantly to his total number of stores over the past years. Set to open his 17th store in early 2018, Burroughs has successfully scaled his business well beyond his initial goals of supplemental income.

As their business has scaled, the business has grown into a family affair. His wife, Robyn will soon be transitioning from her corporate job to take on a larger role with the stores. And their son, recently graduated from college will also be taking on a hands-on role. “It is very rewarding to be able to bring my family into the business. We get to build our business together.”

When reflecting on his current day-to-day work life, Burroughs comments, “Things are more at my pace and leisure now. I’m able to spend my time working on the business, not in it. I handle the backside of the operations and marketing. And I get to do what I really enjoy, being involved with the community and spending time with my family.”

No longer having to work six to seven days a week for someone else, Burroughs found he could actually enjoy his weekends, “I get to pursue my passions like late model race car teams and attending NASCAR races. Most importantly though, my son played college football, and not once did I have to miss a game. That is priceless to me.”

As a volunteer fireman, Burroughs has strong connections throughout his community. Sponsoring community events and getting involved in local charities goes beyond networking and marketing, it is part of his “why” for investing. From finding opportunities to enrich the lives of his stylists, to causes such as the Red Cross, VFW’s “Help A Hero” and Ageless Aviation, Burroughs finds it truly rewarding to be in a position to give back. Creating greater personal and financial freedoms comes with the ability to dedicate time and resources to causes that are important to him.

Burroughs says, “Investing in Sport Clips has given myself and my family more opportunities, personally and professionally, as things have grown. We were limited in my previous career in the auto industry, but now the sky is the limit.”

Burroughs credits the ability to achieve exponential financial and career returns to the simple and scalable Sport Clips business model and robust support systems.  The effective management structure ensures Burroughs is not tied to the daily operations of a store, allowing him to scale his business. And having accessible tools and support staff to give him guidance and help him make more informed decisions and strategies contributes to his continued expansion. 

Burroughs concludes, “You really get what you give. With Sport Clips, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. If you stay on course and follow Sport Clips’ proven system, anyone can see similar success for themselves.”

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