Small Business How-To: Working with Dad Small Business How-To: Working with Dad

Anago Cleaning Systems' new president speaks to working with his father.

With Father’s Day being this past Sunday, contributing writer Michael Julianelle wrote a story for the Business Hub section of the brand’s website spotlighting the good, bad and ugly of fathers and their children working together.

Julianelle used David Povlitz, who founded the Anago Cleaning Systems brand in 1989, as part of the piece, focusing on how the cleaning franchise has evolved into much more than “your father’s cleaning company” through the technology Anago has implemented throughout its entire system.

Not only did David’s son Adam hold every position in the company before he took over as president, he began his career working outside the company to gain better perspective on how to be a successful business manager.

Adam Povlitz offered this pro tip to children who work with their fathers:

“Working outside the family business provides valuable experience plus the ability to see things from a different perspective. If a child hasn’t worked elsewhere, they can wind up with tunnel vision.”

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