Starbucks Plans to Open 10,000 Green Stores by 2025
Starbucks Plans to Open 10,000 Green Stores by 2025

The corporate-owned coffee giant is opening new stores and renovating existing locations with a greener format.

Starbucks has announced a major eco-friendly campaign for future stores.  According to a recent article in Yahoo Finance, the company is committed to opening or renovating 10,000 stores across the globe in the next seven years with a greener format. Starbucks is working with the World Wildlife Fund and SCS Global Services to ensure the locations meet those organizations' standards. 

"This framework represents the next step in how Starbucks is approaching environmental stewardship, looking holistically at stores and their role in helping to ensure the future health of our natural resources. When companies step up and demonstrate leadership, other businesses often follow with commitments of their own, driving further positive impacts," said Erin Simon, director of R&D at World Wildlife Fund.

This initiative follows the brand’s recent initiative to cut out plastic straw use by 2020.

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