Starbucks Tests Reusable Cups at London Airport
Starbucks Tests Reusable Cups at London Airport

The Gatwick South Terminal program will deploy around 2,000 reusable cups to save 7,000 disposable ones over the course of the month.

Starbucks is reaching new heights with its sustainability initiatives. According to CNBC, the company has launched a month-long trial of a new reusable cup program at Gatwick Airport in London.

To hit its goal of saving 7,000 disposable cups, around 250 customers in Gatwick’s South Terminal would have to request one of the 2,000 reusable cups each day, returning it to one of five locations throughout the terminal before boarding. Those who opt for traditional disposable cups will pay a fee of 5 pence, or 6 cents USD—a fee implemented at all UK Starbucks locations last year and donated to the charity Hubbub.

“What we learn here will provide valuable insight into how to deploy a reusable trial in not only other airports but many other environments,” said Hubbub CEO Trewin Restorick in a press release. “The ambition behind the trial is to help create a new culture of reuse on-the-go and explore how customers respond to dropping their cups back off to be washed and used again.”

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