bannerFranchisor Stories Bring Excitement and Passion — Interview with Chris Seman, President of Strategic Franchising

Believing in the business model of a franchisee and understanding customers are critical to franchisee success.

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SPONSORED 3:15PM 10/26/22

President of Strategic Franchising Chris Seman recently discussed his accomplishments and roadmap to success in an interview with Adam Mendler.

In the interview, Seman gives insight into how others can succeed in franchising. According to Seman, the most crucial element to success is that the potential franchisee believes in the business model and is passionate about said business.

Knowing the business model and knowing the customer base is paramount. According to Seman, you must ”truly understand the business you are in and what business your customers think you are in. If you know and are aligned, you can make the necessary decisions that will allow you to grow.” 

He asserts that knowing how to best utilize your employees, knowing the results you want to see for the business, knowing why you are in the business, and listening are all strategies to help a franchisee succeed.  

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