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How Strategic Franchising Systems Drives Success Across Five Diverse and Affordable Brands

The Strategic Franchising platform is designed to help people “feed their dreams and starve their fears®” so they can become independent business owners while still enjoying all of the advantages of a proven franchise model.

Strategic Franchising Systems is renowned for empowering aspiring entrepreneurs through its affordable and accessible franchise models. With a track record of success spanning three decades, Strategic Franchising has consistently facilitated business ownership, offering support and a suite of resources that significantly lowers the risks and barriers to entry. Now, under the leadership of newly appointed CEO Daniel Murphy, the company is poised for even greater growth, boosting its entrepreneurial launchpad to recruit and support even more franchise buyers across more U.S. communities with its five distinct brands.

“I absolutely love what I do each and every day,” Murphy said. “I get to help people feed their dreams, starve their fears, and move forward to become business owners to enjoy greater control, freedom, fulfillment, financial success and being a force for good in their communities. I’m so blessed to have found the perfect platform and purpose to utilize my strengths of developing businesses as well as developing and coaching others, both franchise owners and our own executives. Helping others to truly reach their potential is deeply rewarding.”

Murphy, stepping up from his previous roles as Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the franchising industry. Strategic Franchising was founded by Gary Green in 1994 after successfully creating three national franchise systems. In 2002, Murphy joined Strategic and combined forces with Green, his business partner and mentor, and also counted now among his most trusted friends. For the past 22 years, Murphy has been a pivotal figure in the company's continued growth and evolution, infrastructure and systems enhancements, the launch of five new franchise brands, expansion to more than 800 franchise locations nationwide, and the growth of total system revenues well beyond $200 million. 

The Franchise Formula

Today, Strategic Franchising provides management and consulting services to five independently owned but affiliated national franchise brands, each with a unique market focus: nationally recognized painting franchise Fresh Coat, senior home-relocation and estate sales concept Caring Transitions, business and sales coaching concept The Growth Coach, fast-growing natural pet food and pet grooming brand Pet Wants and prominent home maintenance and senior modification services brand TruBlue

Despite their diversity, these brands share a common foundation — primarily home-based, low-cost, proven business models that ensure franchisees are well-equipped to succeed from the outset. This approach mitigates risks while also accelerating the path to profitability.

“Franchising done right provides people with effective business models, training, marketing and operating systems, and the ongoing coaching they need to develop and become strategic business owners,” Murphy said. “That enables them to truly scale a business, not just work a job, and achieve the success, freedom, lifestyle, and personal balance they were seeking.” 

Affordability, for example, is a primary hallmark of Strategic Franchising's approach. Initial investments across the brands are competitively low, reflecting Murphy’s philosophy that entrepreneurship should be accessible to all. The costs for starting a franchise will vary across the five concepts, but the total investment will range from $54,000 to $202,000, the upper range being for a Pet Wants retail store location. Most of their brands are home-based and all share low franchise fees ranging from $39,900 to $49,900, some of the most affordable in the industry.  

“There are a lot of people denied great opportunities because of high investment levels, but we have several wonderful and affordable brands that allow ordinary people with ordinary means to own and operate extraordinary businesses,” Murphy said. “Our franchise models are designed to help everyone who works smart and hard to be successful, both personally and financially.” 

This inclusivity is further supported by the Winner's Circle Program, a unique initiative that reimburses franchise fees as franchisees reach certain milestones with their business. 

Support is another key feature of the Strategic Franchising approach. Every new business owner receives comprehensive training to grasp industry dynamics and the essentials of successful entrepreneurship. This includes technical and operational training, business coaching, staffing strategies, marketing programs and trade secrets specific to each brand. As a result, no prior industry or business-ownership experience is necessary.

The last factor that ties all five of these service brands together? They are all based on care, helping customers care for their homes, aging parents, personal possessions/estates, pets, and small businesses. By focusing on necessity-based, recession-resistant sectors, these five business models thrive in both good times and bad, with their services and products always in strong demand. Franchise owners simply need to bring their passion, drive, hard work, and commitment to lifting up their community. It’s all about making a difference and standing apart by serving and helping others. Strategic requires candidates to have well-defined reasons and motivations in order to earn a franchise… a clear, compelling, and strong personal WHY, family WHY, and community WHY. 

Cultural and Operational Excellence in Leadership

At the heart of Strategic Franchising’s success is a culture — and leadership team — that values continuous improvement, talent development, and operational excellence. 

“A reputable franchise gives the buyer the best of both worlds,” said Murphy. “You are still 100% an independent business owner, controlling your own destiny. But you also get all the systems, training and support needed. However, what few people realize is the power of the network, to learn best practices from others operating the exact business model. You can collaborate with the top performers and follow their same mindsets, habits, strategies, and work ethic to get superior results and also build an incredible business to whatever size that best meets your goals and lifestyle. With others succeeding all around you, there is no room for excuses.”

Murphy highlights the importance of leadership in fostering that supportive environment for franchisees and staff. Together with Chris Seman, president of Strategic Franchising, Murphy has cultivated a leadership team and culture that excels at coaching and developing franchise owners to greater success, as well as Strategic staff members.  

“For over twelve years, Chris has been a steady and calm leader and the glue that helps hold it all together,” said Murphy. “Chris provides strategic coaching to the five brand presidents and provides on-going guidance regarding franchise sales, franchise owner support, and accountability for the financial performance of each franchise brand.” 

Seman also oversees shared services (accounting, HR, lead generation and legal) and has the pleasure to work with Chief Financial Officer Pete McKnight, Vice President and General Counsel Jeff Siehl, Vice President of Lead Generation/Brand Development Peter Eberly and Director of Human Resources Jessica Sibley

“Chris and I are so fortunate to have the strongest and best core of Brand Presidents, VPs, Directors, and shared services leaders we have ever had in the history of Strategic Franchising,” Murphy said. “In particular, you will find no better people and executives than our brand leaders: DeNita Carani (Pet Wants), Ray Fabik (Caring Transitions), Sean Fitzgerald (TruBlue), Lisa Hudson (Fresh Coat) and Brad Schneider (The Growth Coach).” 

The Entrepreneurial Launchpad

Overall, Strategic Franchising stands out for its commitment to empowering ordinary individuals to achieve extraordinary success. By demystifying the entrepreneurial process and providing a proven blueprint for business, Murphy and his team help franchisees to navigate the challenges of business ownership while pursuing their personal and financial goals.

And by focusing on creating great experiences for the franchisees and the customers, Murphy notes that Strategic Franchising creates a powerful ripple effect, impacting the lives of everybody that touches the company. 

“Through these five independent brands, they employ around 80 people at our corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, all dedicated to recruiting and supporting the success of our nearly 700 franchise owners,” Murphy said. “These franchise owners in turn hire literally thousands of employees around the country, making a huge, positive impact in over 800 communities and helping to support thousands of families. Entrepreneurship is a proven way to help lift people and communities up. It allows anyone with a larger vision, drive, strong work ethic, and grit to greatly improve their life and lifestyle — and those of their families, employees, and customers.”

Now, with Murphy at the helm, Strategic Franchising Systems is more energized and optimistic than ever. However, there is lots of work yet to be done.

“Right now, there are hundreds of communities throughout the U.S. where we cannot serve countless customers because we are missing ordinary folks stepping up to become franchise owners. These communities need more people to bet on themselves and take the leap of faith. To settle less. To want to be, do, and have more. To seize control of their futures and their professional and personal lives. But first, people must be okay taking reasonable risks and getting out of their comfort zones to create a truly fulfilling and rewarding life. Strategic is ready to help more franchise candidates, in more communities, enjoy the benefits of business ownership. However, our territories are exclusive, limited, and going fast. Don’t procrastinate or you may miss out.”

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