The Benefits of an IFA Membership
The Benefits of an IFA Membership

1851 has broken down the unique benefits of the organization by industry role.

Whether you are a franchisor, franchisee or supplier, becoming a subscribed member of the International Franchise Association (IFA) has a wide range of benefits. 1851 has broken down the unique benefits of the organization by industry role.

For franchisees:
As a franchisee and a business owner, an IFA membership allows you to learn about ways in which you can improve your business and build relationships with other members through networking.

Members have the ability to chair IFA Committees, serve on the Board of Directors or hold any officer positions. Through participation in the Franchise Action Network, members can also correspond with lawmakers regarding legislative issues spanning different industries.

IFA members also have access to franchise publications like the Franchising World, Smart Briefs and the IFA insider for the latest developments in the franchising world.

The IFA Annual Convention also presents a great opportunity for franchisees to build relationships, network and attend seminars. Members enjoy a discounted rate to this and other regional conferences throughout the country.

For franchisors:
Perhaps one of the most important benefits of an IFA membership is that it gives your franchise business credibility. You can think of it as a stamp of approval in the franchising industry. When choosing a franchise, potential franchisees actively seek out franchisors that are represented by the IFA.

As a member, franchisors can also gain exposure through exhibiting at national and regional expos sponsored by the IFA. These shows attract thousands of attendees and serve as great opportunity to showcase your business and secure deals. IFA expos also serve as an educational opportunity for franchisors with access to seminars, symposiums and round table discussions.

Members receive discounts for exhibiting at IFA-sponsored expos and have access to industry magazines, studies and newsletters across 70 different franchising publications.

For suppliers:
As a supplier, exposure is everything. An IFA membership will help you do just that. According to the IFA, member suppliers have access to over 1,200 franchisor members and 12,000 franchisee members through annual conventions, symposiums, roundtables, seminars and business networks.

An IFA membership also serves as an effective marketing tool to communicate your product to franchisors. This is done digitally through IFA’s website, the IFA SmartBrief and the IFA insider and through print via the Franchising World.

There are also leadership opportunities within the IFA for those who are interested in joining the Supplier Forum Advisory Board, which consists of supplier members who offer support to other members.