The Day: Mosquito Joe Eyes New London for First Connecticut Location
The Day: Mosquito Joe Eyes New London for First Connecticut Location

Mosquito Joe's CEO Kevin Wilson elaborates on what is drawing the brand to the market

Mosquito Joe is looking at bringing a location to Connecticut and has targeted New London as a potential first site. According to CEO Kevin Wilson, the brand is working with a prospect in Connecticut and anticipates an announcement within the next few months.

“That’s the one that’s farthest down the pipeline,” he said in an interview with The Day.

Mosquito Joe has identified 11 key markets within Connecticut that they believe are viable options for success, but it's just one of five states where the brand is looking to grow its presence before the end of the year. These target states are part of Mosquito Joe's larger vision to hit 300 locations by 2018.

“It’s still a young industry,” Wilson said to reporter Lee Howard. “We’re only in the second inning. It’s still early days yet.”

Mosquito-borne illnesses like West Nile, Lyme disease and, most recently, the Zika virus, have drawn attention to the growing industry and offer technicians the opportunity to create peace of mind for families in the communities they serve. Aside from prevention, Mosquito Joe also focuses on education through thorough training of all of their technicians.

“We’ve created a brand that really engages the customers,” said Wilson.

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