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The Importance of Good Interview Questions

Interesting questions to ask every candidate

When hiring new employees, it’s important to ask good interview questions that will allow you to really get to know your candidates. Some interesting questions to ask include following up with them about their answers, and getting them to describe in detail what their experiences involved.

You’re going to have to rely on the people that you hire. This means that being sure that your team is qualified is essential for good managing.

You don’t want to hire someone only to realize later that they’re not who you thought they were.

So, to dig deeper into who it is that you’re hiring, make sure to ask good interview questions. Questions like “Who,” “What,” “Where,” and “When,” are interesting questions to ask because they get the candidate to provide the background to their experiences. These kinds of questions will help you to understand the situation that the candidate is describing and how they responded.

Another good question is, “What would you have done differently?”

This question will help you to see what they have learned and how they could apply that in the future. No matter what the experience is, if an employee can’t learn from their past, they could have a hard time adapting to new situations. The insight you gain from getting a glimpse into their thought process will help you to gauge whether or not they will be an effective employee.

Coming up with interesting questions to ask does more than just allow you to get to know each candidate. It helps you to really see how each person would fit into your overall team dynamic. Ultimately, good interview questions can make your team stronger.

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