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The Katy News: Premier Residential Cleaning Franchise Discusses the Importance of Chores for Children

Maid Right shares tips on how to get the kids involved in cleaning.

In a recent article in The Katy News, Maid Right, a leading residential cleaning franchise based in Charlottesville, discussed some tips on how to create a chore chart to get kids involved in helping around the house. 

First and foremost, according to Maid Right, it’s important to make the chore chart visually appealing. Dress it up with fun colors and consider tying a reward/allowance to each one to motivate your kids. It’s also crucial to continue changing up the chore chart to give your kids more responsibility with more difficult tasks as they master the initial ones. Finally, consider your child’s age when putting this together. Younger kids can take the simpler tasks while older kids can take on some of the more difficult ones, like taking out the trash.

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