The Next Big Thing in Franchising: 10 Wacky Predictions from the NLA Staff
The Next Big Thing in Franchising: 10 Wacky Predictions from the NLA Staff

The future of franchising is so bright, we may need shades.

From FDDs on Mars to fixing flying cars, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the future of franchising. While we don’t have a crystal ball here at 1851 Franchise, we asked a few of our franchise pros from No Limit Agency to give us their best predictions. Here’s what they said from the good, the bad and the out of this world.

Ryan Paul: Holograms

When Tupac took the stage at Coachella in 2012, holograms took center stage (literally). That’s where the future of franchising is going, according to No Limit Agency’s VP of Digital Ryan Paul.

Paul sees franchise brands using companies like Magic Leap to take the next step in bringing franchisors and franchisees together. Imagine the possibilities of having the franchisor present in hologram form during franchise calls to deliver brand messaging and connect with franchisees. It would make it a more personable interaction. And we’re sure it would cut down on zoning out. In addition, holograms could be developed in a way to connect with consumers in a more personal way.

Lauren Kaminski: Beauty

Beauty is about to boom. According to Lauren Kaminski, director of client services at No Limit Agency, health and wellness franchises have had their time in the spotlight but the new frontier is showing off the hard work from the fitness brands. That’s why she thinks blowout studios and waxing and nail salons will be taking center stage in the future.

Troy Kehoe: Drones

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a pizza delivery drone? Now that the FAA has put rules in place for drones, Director of Client Services at No Limit Agency Troy Kehoe thinks they will be flying onto the franchise scene. While he thinks using drones for delivery will most likely happen, Kehoe thinks there many other ways franchises can utilize this technology. For instance, auto repair franchises could use drones to get a birds-eye view of what they are working on. Franchise brands could use drone photography for selling markets to potential franchisees.

Cassie McAloon: Loyalty Apps

Mobile is more than just a town in Alabama. But that’s where Cassie McAloon, content producer for No Limit Agency, thinks the franchise world is heading—as in mobile phones, and not the place. Brands like Toppers Pizza and Jimmy John’s are ahead of the curve when it comes to having a strong digital and mobile presence with their customers. McAloon sees other brands stepping up to the digital plate when it comes to creating loyalty programs with a simple platform to track rewards and order items or services to their home without having to pick up the phone. This is how brands can tap into a new group of consumers, according to McAloon.

Lauren Moorman: The American Dream

According to No Limit Agency’s Vice President of Client Services Lauren Moorman, the next big thing in franchising will be brand’s continuing to help everyone achieve the American Dream. The future of franchising will be about smaller territories with smaller price tags so more entrepreneurs can become business owners. She sites TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s mini markets and The Cleaning Authorities Hometown Market as two good examples.

Sharon Powills: Cloud-Based POS Systems

While you can’t see it, the cloud is an incredible storage system for business and personal use. Sharon Powills, chief financial officer of No Limit Agency, believes the future of franchising is in the continued movement of the franchises POS systems to the cloud. The cloud-based technology allows franchisors and franchisees to access data in real-time from anywhere at any time through an app. In the on-the-go economy that we’re in having that information made available will be huge for a brand’s success in the future.

Sean Fitzgerald: Customized Experiences Using Smart Technology

The future is smart. In the near future, No Limit Agency’s Chief Development Strategist Sean Fitzgerald thinks smart displays will be making a splash in the franchise scene. Using technology, Fitzgerald can see smart displays utilizing the information on a customer’s smartphone or loyalty card to change displays to fit their individual tastes and preferences.

Brian Jaeger: The Customer Will Continue to Be Right

You’ve heard the old adage, “the customer is always right,” right? Brian Jaeger, director of media relations of No Limit Agency, thinks that tried and true saying is here to stay—for good.

Jaeger sees the franchise industry creating more opportunities to let consumers choose what they want. For example, he believes restaurants won’t have traditional menus and will allow customers to order what they want when they want it. In addition to that, he thinks fixed prices will be a thing of the past and customers will have the options to name their own price and pay what they want.

Lydia Heerwagen: On-Demand Wedding Services

If you ask Lydia Heerwagen, development manager at No Limit Agency, the future is full of fantastic franchising ideas. She thinks on-demand gas delivery, fashion and Smores are in the near future.

As the average wedding price climbs, Heerwagen thinks the industry will be putting cost-cutting at the forefront. One idea she has is mobile wedding and party franchises. The mobile unit could be an all-in-one package for any wedding day need. From catering to music and furniture the on-demand delivery service would take the stress and a few zeros off any wedding party budget.

Hannah Kramer: Robots

If you’ve ever wanted your own Rosie the Robot, that may soon be a possibility. Hannah Kramer, Senior Account Executive at No Limit Agency, thinks the future of franchising is in robots and automation. From placing an order ahead of time on a tablet to having robots assemble salads, work on car parts and paint homes there are endless opportunities.