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The SECRET To Earning Respect As A Manager - Avoid These Mistakes!

As a manger, you can earn more respect by focusing on communication and building trust.

Earning respect from your team should be your number one priority as the leader of your restaurant. Would you rather be thought of as a tyrant or as a caring manager?

Being able to essentially snap your fingers and get things done — often by rallying the team through fear and intimidation — may seem effective at first, but this uneven power dynamic is far from a healthy and sustainable team-building strategy.

As the manager, you already have all the “power” you need, so focus on building trust and relationships with each of your team members.

Earning respect will come naturally when your staff recognizes you as a humble leader and a caring manager. 

Your team will respond to your requests out of mutual respect, which is exactly the dynamic you want to foster, leaving the rare need to actually pull a power move.