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Third-Party Validation: How To Avoid the Fake News Frenzy

Franchisees shouldn’t have to worry about getting stuck in today’s fad of fake news. Stay out of the weeds with reputable third-party stories so you don’t have to decipher fraud from fact.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSORED 5:17PM 08/14/19

Every company wants to cut through the noise to align the right offering to the right audience. Rather than leaning into transparent self-promotion, working with a third-party publication can validate brands by highlighting the business’s successes through people-focused storytelling.

Getting your franchise third-party exposure in the media will not only help you gain potential customers, but new franchisees. In today’s world of SEO, social media and digital networking, it’s important to stay strategic when it comes to crafting and deploying content that translates to qualified leads. 

So, how can you toss fake news aside in the interest of high-value, third-party validation? Read on.

Storytelling versus advertising

No one likes a surface-level story or an average advertisement. Putting a unique and significant twist on a story will pull your readers in and make them interested in what you have to say. FirstLight* Care’s Director of Franchise Development Scott Oaks said that partnering with 1851 Franchise has given FirstLight an outlet to produce meaningful content. 

“We can really hone in on the important topics we want to get across in the stories, whether it’s about a franchisee or a new location opening,” said Oaks. “These stories allow the reader to put themselves into a franchisee’s shoes and give them a better idea of what it’s like to be a part of the company.”

Storytelling will more likely resonate with franchise candidates compared to an online advertisement. “People tend to walk right by ads or scroll right through them,” Oaks said. According to Disruptive Advertising, storytelling is the key to effective advertising because “the simple fact of the matter is: every human is influenced by emotion.” 

Validation is vital

It’s easy enough to claim that your company is the best, but how do you prove that to others? By leveraging reputable third-party publications. 

“Because it’s someone else saying you’re good, people will believe it,” said Oaks. “Of course everyone thinks that they’re awesome, but getting that validation from another source goes a long way for readers.”

According to Entrepreneur, “third-party validation is what really provides confidence and accountability to companies and consumers to fully commit” to your product or business.” This means that getting your company outside validation is the secret weapon needed to drive growth. Cultivating positive buzz from a media outlet, even at the local level, will put you one step ahead of competitors. 

What to look for in a trustworthy third-party partner

First things first, you want to make sure the media outlet you put your trust in has your best interest at heart and understands your business. All press isn’t necessarily good press. Look for industry experts in PR and content marketing who can leverage the institutional knowledge needed to get your brand story out there. And, who says you need to team with a large agency to get the word out about your business? With the right partner, your story will have the legs it needs.

Should you choose to partner with a company, put your brand in the hands of a publication or PR firm that’s built on transparency. In order for a brand to build more positive reviews, a third-party publication shouldn’t fabricate their content just to please you, even if you have engaged the publication for sponsored content. You’ve heard it before and you’re going to hear it again––honesty is key.

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a franchisee or choosing a third-party media outlet, do your research. Partner with a third-party outlet who has knowledge in your brand’s industry. No matter how painstakingly you craft your brand story, if your third-party storytellers don’t have the relevant industry knowledge, the value of your brand’s offering can become muddied. 

Acquiring positive press from any third-party pub, small or large, should be considered a win in any brand’s book. Now that you have the necessary tips to choose a trusting publication to partner with, go out and build some brand buzz!

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