Three Reasons We’re Still Experiencing a Bull Market
Three Reasons We’re Still Experiencing a Bull Market

The New York Times breaks down the hidden factors behind the longest bull run in history.

Wednesday was the 3,453rd day of uninterrupted gains for the stock market, marking the longest bull market in history. 

There are any number of factors behind that remarkable run, which began immediately after the height of the Great Recession in March of 2009. Most analysts point to a steady economic recovery coupled with increasing corporate profits, but The New York Times has taken a closer look and identified three drivers that have received less attention.

Regulations imposed on Wall Street after the Recession, intervention from the Federal Reserve and a flagging global market all contributed to the historic run, according to the article.

The Times also notes how each of those factors could go wrong in the future. If, for instance, the Fed imposes a tighter monetary policy, corporations that have relied on debt during the bull market may have to reduce spending, which could trigger a bust.

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