Tim Hortons and Franchisees Embroiled in Coffee Pot Kerfuffle
Tim Hortons and Franchisees Embroiled in Coffee Pot Kerfuffle

A group of franchisees claim that shattering coffee pots are causing employee injury.

A group of Tim Hortons franchisees are claiming that the coffee pots they are required to use are breaking easily and causing injury to employees, according to a Financial Post article.

The accusation comes from the Great White North Franchisee Association, which is an unsanctioned franchisee group, according to the article. The group is claiming that the coffee pot breakage has caused injuries such as burnt thighs and feet.

Restaurant Brands International, which is the parent company of Tim Hortons, claims the accusations are false.

“I can tell you with certainty that the suggestion that Tim Hortons or RBI in any way has changed the manufacturing of our coffee pots is 100 percent false,” RBI spokeswoman Jane Almeida said in a statement, according to the article.

She also said this franchisee group “makes frequent and false accusations for the sole purpose of what we can only believe is generating media awareness for their small group.”

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