To Togo’s, There Is No Such Thing As “Too Much of a Good Thing”: The “Best Turkey Sandwiches Ever” Just Got Even Better | 1851 Franchise

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To Togo’s, There Is No Such Thing As “Too Much of a Good Thing”: The “Best Turkey Sandwiches Ever” Just Got Even Better
To Togo’s, There Is No Such Thing As “Too Much of a Good Thing”: The “Best Turkey Sandwiches Ever” Just Got Even Better
Offering more of what they are known for, more meat and more flavor, and by optimizing guest experience, this premier sandwich brand is finding new ways to maximize revenue.

By elevating “the art of the sandwich” with new and improved menu items, Togo’s is making a good thing even better.  Their top selling turkey sandwiches just got a makeover, giving customers more of what the brand does best: premium sandwiches packed with protein to satisfy the biggest appetites. Recent improvements the company has made to their proprietary meaty turkey sandwiches and overall guest experience are examples of why the brand continues to grow.

The “Best Turkey Sandwiches Ever” are now piled even higher with a quarter pound of oven roasted, deli-style turkey breast on a regular 6” sandwich. One of Togo’s key differentiators is their unrivaled meaty sandwiches, offering more meat than their competitors. With Togo’s commitment to quality meats and produce, this move goes against industry trends. While many other brands are cutting costs by skimping on expensive protein, Togo’s is increasing the amount of protein in all their turkey sandwiches, including the ever popular #24 Turkey & Avocado and #3 Turkey & Cheese.

“Togo’s has been famous for their big, fresh, meaty turkey sandwiches for over 45 years. We set out to provide our customers the best turkey sandwiches ever, starting with even better ingredients and bigger portions,” said Glenn Lunde, President of Togo’s. “But we also wanted to do something more creative to further intensify the turkey flavor, and that is why we changed the fundamental way we build our sandwiches.”

By increasing their already generous turkey portions and revamping sandwich construction, they have found a way to improve upon their already premium products. Now, by placing the meat on top of the produce, the star of the show - the meat - is brought to the front of the sandwich flavor profile.  Always looking for ways to improve customer experience is a testament to the brand’s long tradition of providing high quality food and overall exceptional experience to their loyal guests.

Balancing the quality of their sandwiches and maximizing profits for their franchisees in also a priority for Togo’s. Even more changes have been made aimed at creating an improved in-store experience, further increasing customer return rate and maximizing revenue for franchisees.

To provide improved operational efficiency, hand-sliced turkey portions are now pre-portioned. Togo’s estimates this change will save 30 seconds on average per customer order. Shaving time off meat preparation results in decreased wait time for guest during peak hours. Further keeping in mind the customer experience, updated menu boards and in-store signage are easier to navigate, improving customer ordering process.

With these changes, Togo’s is finding new ways to deliver the ultimate sandwich experience with their signature premium meats and commitment to quality. By offering more meat than their competitors, the brand is staying true to their foundation of great food served with passion and top-notch big, fresh, meaty sandwiches. Providing more of what they are known for, and dramatically improving the guest in-store experience, it’s no wonder the brand is experiencing tremendous growth and is why they are on their way to becoming the premium dominant sandwich franchise in the west, and beyond.  

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