Togo’s Positions Itself to Ramp Up Offsite Sales
Togo’s Positions Itself to Ramp Up Offsite Sales

Brand simplifies mobile and delivery orders for Franchisees and Customers

As the business of serving meals to Togo’s loyal customers changes to include more off-site ordering, Togo’s is strategically positioned to the satisfy the demand.

“More and more customers prefer to order online and pick their food up or have it delivered,” Glenn Lunde, President of Togo’s said. “Time constraints pose a greater challenge for customers now than in the past, so people want to order lunch from their desk and be back to work in 30 minutes.”

The operational benefits of off-site sales pose a significant upside, including reduced wait times and communication errors, smaller stores, and broader reach. Additionally, customers who order food online tend to order in larger quantities than they otherwise would in store.

In terms of reach, its more robust off-site sales platform allows the brand to stay at the top of customers’ minds even when a Togo’s store is not in sight.

“Customers are no longer considering their lunch options in terms of the few restaurants they see on their way to and from work,” said Lunde. “They are looking online at everything available for pick-up and delivery. We will keep increasing our share of sales by increasing our mobile visibility.”

Togo’s has begun rolling out upgrades to their off-site sales system, tightening and centralizing its processes. The franchise has established a national network of third-party sales and delivery service providers through its online software provider, Olo.

To take full advantage of their improved off-site-sales systems, Togo’s has unveiled a broad marketing campaign for the Fall that encourages customers to order online. Outward facing window signs remind customers to order Togo’s later, even if they can’t stop in the store as they pass by, and a football campaign encourages customers to stay on the couch and let Togo’s bring the food to them.