True to the Sandwich, Aligned to the Consumer: Togo’s 3.0 Brand Refresh Keeps Togo’s Director of Franchise Development John Dyer Excited About the...
True to the Sandwich, Aligned to the Consumer: Togo’s 3.0 Brand Refresh Keeps Togo’s Director of Franchise Development John Dyer Excited About the Growth Potential for the Brand...

Togo’s Director of Franchise Sales and Real Estate sounds off.

Looking for a franchise with big flavors and an equally impressive footprint? Look no further than Togo’s. The West Coast-inspired big-and-meaty sandwich concept was founded in San Jose, California in 1971 and since then has grown to over 200 locations. While Togo’s has always stayed ‘true to the sandwich,’ the fast-casual brand has also been working to align their flavorful offering with a younger generation of fans thanks to a brand refresh known as Togo’s 3.0.

Enter Togo’s Director of Franchise Sales and Real Estate, John Dyer. Dyer joined the brand in December 2018 and said that a big part of what drew him to Togo’s was the Togo’s 3.0 initiative.

I’ve always been a fan of the brand and the product,” said Dyer. “I was really excited about what I saw happening with the introduction of the rebranding initiative, Togo’s 3.0. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to be a part of that.”

Dyer came onboard after nearly a decade of franchise development experience with a focus on working with franchisees during buildout and launch as well as sourcing prime real estate for franchise locations. When he heard about Togo’s 3.0—currently being strategically rolled out across the Togo’s system—Dyer knew he would be a great fit.

Togo’s 3.0 incorporates several exciting components including: redesigned restaurants and a refreshed color palette marked by bright blue and fresh orange; POS ordering kiosks in renovated stores; third-party delivery partnerships with couriers like DoorDash; hot and melty sandwiches thanks to the introduction of a new combination convection oven; and a Speed Line kitchen system that streamlines sandwich prep courtesy of an assembly line-style approach.

“Togo’s is an organization that’s been around for a long time so we have really perfected our high-quality products and created craveable flavors, but we wanted that brand revitalization to really align with the modern consumer,” explained Dyer. “Togo’s 3.0 involves all customer touch points, from guest communication to the way we serve our product and the products we serve.”

Dyer pointed out that the brand’s innovations, both in terms of technology and menu offering, mean that there has never been a better time to join the Togo’s franchise system.

“In addition to the foundation we’ve built with Togo’s 3.0, and especially the new look and feel of our restaurants, there are a lot of great territories in key markets open for development,” said Dyer. “That makes now a very exciting time for current and prospective Togo’s franchisees.”

Customer feedback in those stores which have underwent the 3.0 refresh has thus far been glowingly positive.

“When our guests walk in, they immediately see a space that is brighter, more open and more contemporary than before—that really connects well with millennial consumers,” said Dyer. “We have a lot of customers that have been with the brand for many years, but I think we’re now also attracting younger customers and they’ve responded very positively.”

In addition to the aforementioned aesthetic revitalization, Togo’s 3.0 locations now boast two new aspects to the consumer experience that have proven critical in regards to a millennial demographic: POS kiosks and third-party delivery. “The implementation of kiosk ordering has been really big for us,” Dyer said. “It’s an exciting time of major growth and momentum and I look forward to the future innovation that we’re going to have on the technology side of the business.”

Dyer emphasized that, amidst all the innovation, Togo’s continues serving up flavorful, piled-high sandwiches that leave competitors in the dust.

“With Togo’s, it’s all about the product. We’ve got a phenomenal product; I believe it’s Best in Class,” Dyer said. “We offer generous portions of protein on fresh artisan baked bread. And don’t forget about  the fresh mashed avocados, prepared daily in our restaurants—those are just some of the things that makes Togo’s stand out over the competition.”

With an offering that keeps guests coming back and now, the new look, feel and means to align with the modern consumer, Togo’s is impressively positioned for considerable success. At the heart of it all, the brand continues to display, well, heart.

“Togo’s mission is to enrich the lives of others. It all starts with the employees,” said Dyer. “I think that well-trained, happy employees, that enjoy the environment they are working in are going to make a great product and serve their guests well. Which in turn leads to increased sales and profitability for the franchisee.”