Top 5 most viral franchise brand videos of 2015
Top 5 most viral franchise brand videos of 2015

Hit play on these five franchise viral videos.

If you haven’t seen these viral videos, you’ve likely heard about them or have seen them in your news feed. From funny to serious and a little of everything in-between, these are the best viral videos of 2015 from franchise brands. Watch and share with your friends.
Wendy’s: Say ‘No’ to Microwaves #BecauseBaconator
Everything is better with bacon. That includes the “Say ‘No’ to Microwaves #BecauseBaconator” 2015 viral video from Wendy’s. The video has received 2,955,065 views and features an adolescent bacon strip avoiding the peer pressure of “getting nuked” by the big bad microwave in favor of getting crispy in the oven, like the Baconator bacon.
Burger King: The McWhopper Sandwich Proposal
In honor of Peace Day 2015, Burger King launched The McWhopper Sandwich Proposal on August 26, 2015. And it became a viral sensation. It was the brand’s way of mending a broken friendship with the Golden Arches to create a best of both worlds burger to celebrate Peace Day. The video lays out the recipe of combining the Big Mac and the Whopper. The video received 735,645 views and a slightly snarky rejection from McDonald’s.
McDonald’s: Our food. Your questions. What are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets made of?
The best way to silence doubters, give them the facts. That’s exactly what McDonald’s did when it invited real customers to ask the Golden Arches questions about their food. The most popular questions came about the brands Chicken McNuggets. So Grant Imahara (From the popular show MythBusters) went to the factory to get the answers. With 8,566,444 video views, customers were able to get the answers they needed.
KFC: The Real Colonel Sanders
Will the real Colonel Sanders please stand up? KFC achieved viral success with the brand’s “The Real Colonel Sanders” video over 4,230,000 video views. The chicken brand shows spokesman Darrell Hammond being replaced with another SNL alum, Norm McDonald. It was a great way to reinvigorate a campaign.
Pizza Hut: The Dangers of Selfie Sticks PSA
Say, “cheese,” with caution. Pizza Hut is asking that everyone selfies responsibly in their viral PSA. With over 4,28,168 video views, the selfie stick PSA is targeted at he selfie generation and promotes The Big Flavor Dipper Pizza for getting more pizza into wide-angle photos.