Top Clicked Brand Pages of 2015
Top Clicked Brand Pages of 2015

A number of brands had a successful 2015.

The world of franchising had a banner year in 2015. The International Franchise Association’s 2015 Franchise Business Economic Outlook Report found that franchise businesses were on pace to grow faster than most other businesses in the economy

The report found that franchise establishments would grow by 1.6 percent year-over-year in 2015 to 781,794 and these businesses will add 247,000 direct jobs in the process; a 2.9 percent increase from 2014. There are many ways a franchise can define success. A store breaking franchise sales records, the expansion in a territory or being a pillar of their community can all be a part of that story. Here are some franchises that achieved those marks and were some of the most visited 1851 Franchise pages of the year:
Buffalo Wings & Rings
With an elevated menu for customers to look over and football season in full swing, Buffalo Wings & Rings has seen tremendous success in the back half of the year. The brand has seen 13 percent year-over-year growth for its annual unit volume.
January 1st – December 1st (YTD): 165,623 page views.
Jan-Pro has been cleaning up this year as the Georgia-based brand has seen new franchisees in Idaho and North Carolina. Continuing their dominance of the commercial cleaning space means another great year could be ahead for Jan-Pro.
January 1st – December 1st (YTD): 127,885 page views.

Smoothie King
With plans to conquer the Southwest and improve their brand abroad, Smoothie King was anything but chilly over the past year. And through October of this year, the New Orleans-area-based franchise completed 62 franchise agreements, with 32 of them happening in the third quarter of 2015.
January 1st – December 1st (YTD): 86,004 page views.

It was a year of firsts for the Texas-based burger chain. MOOYAH Burgers opened its first location in Miami, New York and there are even plans to open up a few shops in the Michigan market.
January 1st – December 1st (YTD): 21,467 page views.
The moving company has been growing leaps and bounds since it joined 1851 in April. The brand can attribute this to its successful franchisees in Fairfield, Connecticut and its commitment to helping out veterans.
April 1st – December 1st: 13,462 page views.
Famous Toastery
Breakfast has become a universal language. People have meetings during the most important meal of the day and it has even wiggled its way to be socially accepted to be eaten during dinner time. Famous Toastery is tapping into this feeling as it has made plans to open up new franchises in Philadelphia and California. Just goes to show you breakfast connects everyone together.
January 1st – December 1st (YTD): 12,224 page views.
Mosquito Joe
The mosquito control treatment franchise has been growing faster than the adversaries they exterminate. The brand closed the third quarter of 2015 with 95 franchises open and more than 210 territories sold.
January 1st – December 1st (YTD): 11,048 page views.
Kitchen Solvers
The kitchen remodeling industry is a lucrative one and Kitchen Solvers has shown it has what it takes to outperform through 2015. Although it has just started with 1851 Franchise in May of this year, Kitchen Solvers has taken the franchise world by storm.The brand has successfully added franchises in the Chicagoland area over the past year, but the brand is looking to expand in the rest of the Midwest, with the Minneapolis-area being the next target.
January 1st – December 1st (YTD): 7,352 page views.