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Pizza Marketplace: Toppers Commits To Plant-Based Eating in a Big Way

Toppers added vegan-friendly pizza options to their menus for the first time.

By Sydney Weine1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 12:12PM 07/27/21

In a recent interview with Pizza Marketplace, Mac Malchow, Toppers Pizza director of national marketing and menu innovation, discussed the new menu items that Toppers is adding to reach vegan diners. 

Malchow started off the interview by saying, “Our system-wide AUV is over $1 million, and we just had our first restaurant cross the $2 million-dollar mark. The brand is on fire right now.” 

With the brand doing so well, what made them decide to add on to the menu? Toppers partnered with vegan culinary chef Melanie Manuel, who helped develop vegan recipes for that customer base. There are several vegan items on the menu, including plant-based, gluten-free crust from Caulipower and a plant-based chicken option. And while Malchow made it clear that it was not easy to replicate meat and cheese flavors using plants, after a lot of hard work and dedication the team came together and created something they were proud to serve to their customers.

We will definitely be continuing to innovate in this area,” Malchow said. “It’s a part of our routine now and will continue to be, moving forward. We've got some ideas in the hopper now, but we're not ready to tell anyone about them — not yet, anyways.”

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