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PMQ Pizza Magazine: How to Anticipate the Pizza Industry of Tomorrow

Toppers Pizza Founder & President Scott Gittrich elaborates on the importance of investing in technology to prepare for tomorrow's trends

Once of the biggest things franchisors are tasked with is making sure the business is up to speed and ahead of the game. With restaurants, this often means that the business is utilizing advanced technology and not falling behind the eight ball. Toppers Pizza Founder and President Scott Gittrich connected with PMQ Pizza Magazine to elaborate on how Toppers Pizza prepares for the pizza industry of tomorrow by investing in the right technology.

"The most important element to be relevant for today's pizza consumer is to focus on having the least number of clicks in your online ordering process," Gittrich told PMQ Pizza Magazine. "It's vitally important that you reduce the friction between a customer's desire to order your pizza and that order being placed."

Gittrich goes on to elaborate that customization is extremely important when it comes to getting ahead of the competition.

"Customizability is going to be the key for any upstart or smaller pizza chain to compete with the big boys," said Gittrich. "With our new platform, we'll be able to provide a customized consumer experience down to the individual time of day, weather, special events and much more."

Aside from customization, preparing for future technology is equally as important. 

"While I felt like we were truly cutting edge when the first bulky computers came into the pizzeria decades ago, it's not crazy to think that down the road there might be facial recognition of customers to greet them individually, know their ordering history and suggest an order for them. There will always be first movers for new technology and even if the timing or the ROI isn't right today, you need to be in a position where you won't get left behind in the future."

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