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Sioux Falls Business Journal: West-side Toppers opens, with free-food-for-a-year offer on Saturday

Shane Quail opens new Toppers Pizza location in Sioux Falls

Shane Quail opened his newest Toppers Pizza location in Sioux Falls with a grand opening celebration on Saturday, August 26th. The Sioux Falls Business Journal spoke with Quail about the opening.

According to the article, the relocated store is in a perfect spot, and Quail said he expected people to already be lining up to win free pizza on Friday.

Said Quail, "Normally people start lining up the day before and set up their tents and make themselves comfortable for a nice long wait. Normally we get a full line of 50 folks somewhere in the early hours of the morning. We normally have folks out there handing out Toppers swag and playing games with the crew and keeping things festive. With this being a soft opening, we got all the ovens running, so we'll be cooking pizzas through the night. Should be a good time."

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