Sydney Tutor Doctor Franchisee Capitalizes on Growing Population and Hot Market
Sydney Tutor Doctor Franchisee Capitalizes on Growing Population and Hot Market

Franchisee Alison Hope sees best start to any new franchisee in the market with four sales in her first week of business.

In 2017 alone, the population in Sydney, Australia grew by 100,000 people, according to an article in The Sydney Morning Herald. With this growth, it’s no surprise that local businesses have flourished. Insert Alison Hope, who opened her first Tutor Doctor territory in Penrith on June 18th of this year. In her first week of business, she completed four sales – and has added two education consultants to her team to handle the demand.

“Alison Hope has had one of the strongest launches to her business that we have experienced in the Tutor Doctor system,” said John Longmire, Country Manager for Tutor Doctor Australia. “She is doing a fantastic job of getting the word out in the community. Alison and our other franchisees in Sydney have done such a great job with getting the word out about the brand, and we are excited to replicate this success throughout Australia.”

While some of her instant success can be related back to the population growth, Hope also points to her passion for education.

“Tutor Doctor caught my attention immediately because I am so passionate about education,” said Hope. “This concept provided an opportunity to contribute to the education of children and adults in my local community. Tutor Doctor offers such a unique way of matching the right tutor with each student, that it stood out amongst the other franchise options in the education industry.”

Hope’s first location opened in Penrith, a fast-growing area in Western Sydney. The market is filled with families that were on the hunt for better tutoring options for their students and found a fast fit with Hope’s Tutor Doctor.

“Families love the idea of one-to-one support for their child,” said Hope. “With Tutor Doctor, the tutor comes to their house, so it doesn’t disrupt the whole day for the family. Every parent just wants the best start in life for their child, and Tutor Doctor is able to provide the type of support that helps every child reach his or her full potential as a person, not just academically.”

In her first month of business, Hope has traveled to different homes throughout her community and helped students with all different needs, from a child who was struggling and starting to lose confidence to a student who didn’t see the point in school and had lost all motivation. She would evaluate students in the initial consultation to identify their needs and then match that student with a qualified tutor – one that can best help that particular student in the situation they are facing.

“I have been blown away by the quality of amazing tutors who have joined my team at Tutor Doctor Penrith,” said Hope. “Our tutors need more than just knowledge. They need to be able to pass on that knowledge to a student in a simplified way. It’s crucial that they think outside the box and continue to get students excited to learn.”

As Hope continues to spearhead growth in the Sydney market, the Tutor Doctor team is looking to mimic her success with additional territories to fill a gap in the market. There are seven territories already established in the Sydney market, and Tutor Doctor has a capacity to grow with another ten in Sydney.   

“Tutor Doctor provides a service that is badly needed in Australia, as in other parts of the world. Teachers have large class sizes to look after and children sometimes do not get the individual attention they need. Tutor Doctor makes a difference for every child through our individualized, in-home one-to-one tutoring,” said Longmire. “Plus, the lack of overhead and setup costs makes it a win-win for our franchisees. We have territories available throughout Australia and a goal of 180 franchisees. This coming financial year, we would like to add 30 franchisees to our system, and we already have the support structures in place to achieve this growth.”

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