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Curbed: Uni K Wax Is Top NY Hair Removal Service

Uni K Wax was named the best hair removal option in New York ‘For a Same-Day Appointment’ after a poll of New York influencers and experts.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 04/08/24

Uni K Wax, the natural hair removal and waxing franchise that offers a more comfortable experience, has been named one of the best hair removal concepts in New York City by Curbed. After a poll of dozens of “in-the-know” New Yorkers, Uni K Wax came out on top in the “For a Same-Day Appointment” category.

The polled New Yorkers include an eyebrow artist, a clothing-company founder, a stylist and a writer-director. 

Lili Chemla, founder of the clothing company LESET, and Nora DeLigter, a freelance writer and director, both claim an affinity for Uni K Wax’s 14 studios across the city. Chemla said that Uni K Wax technicians are “diligent about making sure you’re smooth as a seal” and don’t let “a single hair pass their notice.” DeLigter said that, in eight years of using Uni K Wax for bikini waxes, she has “never not gotten a same-day appointment.”

Uni K Wax’s online booking portal and varied services menu make it even easier for customers to schedule their ideal waxing appointment — and often get the service done on the same day.

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