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FranchiseU: United Water Restoration Group’s Bob Moore on Career Highlights and Why the Restoration Industry Is Booming

Moore joined Dr. Kathy Gosser on an episode of FranchiseU, a podcast that features experts in the franchising industry.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
Updated 10:10AM 05/11/23

In a recent interview with iHeart’s FranchiseU podcast, United Water Restoration Group’s (UWRG) Vice President of Development & Operations, Bob Moore, spoke about his extensive career in the franchise industry, emphasizing the importance of restoration franchises like UWRG. Moore shared his insights and experiences with Dr. Kathy Gosser, covering his 30-plus-year journey in the franchising world.

Moore has a diverse background in franchising, including starting as a single-unit franchisee and later serving as a Regional Director for a franchisor for over a decade. His career began with Domino’s Pizza, where he spent six years in various roles and an additional seven years as a multi-unit franchisee. After his time at Domino's, Moore worked as a Regional Director for ServiceMaster Clean and dedicated 10 years to Dunkin’ Brands.

In their conversation, Moore touched upon several subjects, such as his reasons for entering the franchise industry, the challenges he faced, and how those obstacles helped him grow professionally. Furthermore, Moore and Dr. Gosser delved into the founding of the United Water Restoration Group, highlighting the significance of the water restoration sector in today's market. They also discussed industry regulations and the future expansion plans for the brand.

As a restoration franchise, UWRG plays a crucial role in addressing water damage and providing solutions to homeowners and businesses alike. The increasing frequency of extreme weather events and the growing awareness around mold and water damage's impact on health have driven the demand for restoration services.

Listen to the full podcast here on iHeart. 

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