Watch: Tim Hortons Brings Kenya’s Only Ice Hockey Team to Canada
Watch: Tim Hortons Brings Kenya’s Only Ice Hockey Team to Canada

The Canadian coffee and doughnut chain brought the Kenyan amateur team to the hockey capital of the world for their first-ever game.

When it comes to Canada’s most famous calling cards, ice hockey and Tim Hortons crowd the top of the list. When the popular coffee and doughnut chain heard the story of Kenya’s only ice hockey team, the Kenya Ice Lions, the brand decided to bring the team to Canada for their first-ever game. In a video dubbed The Away Game created by Canadian agency Zulu Alpha Kilo, Tim Hortons tells the inspiring story of the Kenya Ice Lions and their efforts to expand the sport in their country.

AdWeek detailed the once-in-a-lifetime experience that included custom jerseys, new gear and famous teammates; NHL stars Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon suited up to play with the team.

“In Canada, and as a company, hockey is part of our DNA,” head of marketing for Tim Hortons Canada Jorge Zaidan said. “We are so inspired by the story of the Lions. Despite having no other teams to play against, the players on the Kenya Ice Lions’ passion for the game is unwavering. Their shared passion and love of the game knows no borders.”

In addition to coordinating the experience, Tim Hortons also made a donation to Kenya’s Youth Hockey League to promote the sport’s growth in the country.

Watch the full video here.