Weekly Web Roundup
Weekly Web Roundup

1851 Franchise staffers share links that intrigue, shock and entertain them.

1851 Franchise staffers share links that intrigue, shock, entertain and inspire us. Here’s what they had to say.

Robots seem to be doing everything nowadays and one of those things is helping us see. Researchers at the Rhode Island School of design and Virginia Tech have created a lab to research 3D glass printing. Will this idea come into focus? - Matt Diaz

Buying gift wrap from the store is the standard bearer during the holidays, but what if it could be more exciting or delicious? HOW Magazine took a different look at how gifts can be packaged this holiday season. - Ahmad Yilmaz

It seems that we are a culture that is obsessed with the Internet and just can’t stay off our...sorry I got sidetracked by this slideshow of cutest puppies in the area. The Atlantic profiled our continuing Internet addiction and how treatment centers are opening up across the country to help cure us - Andi Summers

PayPal’s transformation into super conglomerate is almost complete now that it has a command center. Fast Company got a tour of the center and what their employees do all day. - Ryan Paul

Marco Rubio isn’t only gaining ground in the race to become the Republican Presidential nominees; he’s also gaining some new locks as well. Gawker points out how his hair seems to be looking stronger and fuller as the days pass. - Andrew Stern

Gryffindor House may have been on to something as a new poll found that those who read the Harry Potter novels are more likely to be accepting of others. - Hannah Kramer

Pictures of hunters in the wild have been dominating the meme conversation over the past year and the U.S. is doing something about it. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently listed two lion’s subspecies under the Endangered Species Act. - Chris Zois