Which Wich's New Kids Menu Profiled In QSR Magazine
Which Wich's New Kids Menu Profiled In QSR Magazine

Revamping the kids menu is part of the brands plan to increase sales.

Making a menu for kids is a fickle task. Parents are constantly worried about what goes in the food and kids are trading them like pork bellies on the stock market. And companies have difficulty shelling out these meals as they can never prepare for what kids will be into next. Companies also tend to put less research and development into their kids section, due to the small impact on sales. That may be starting to change as Dallas-based franchise Which Wich is developing a new line of kid’s items to leave the young ones with smiles on their face.

The idea from the brand, which has 378 locations in 40 states and eight countries, started when Which Wich founder and CEO Jeff Sinelli and wife Courtney Sinelli, who is the executive vice president, were discussing the brand’s kids menu and Courtney bluntly told Jeff she didn’t like it. She even went as far to say she wouldn’t serve their kids the brand’s kid-designed food.

Sinelli told QSR Magazine that Which Wich had to go back to the drawing board. Not only did they have to keep in mind the quality, nutrition and taste of the food, but also had to find a way for kids to interact better with their meals. The fast food industry is popular among kids and Which Wich could tap into more sales catering to the young ones with better meals. With thirty four percent of children and adolescents ages 2 to 19 eating fast food on a daily basis, Sinelli said his goal is to design a menu that is tasty for kids and will alleviate parent’s fears.

“We could have played the health card to the nth degree, but we played on happiness,” Sinelli said. “When you make kids happy—and moms happy—the world’s a better place.”

The revamped menu will include new items including a meat and cheese roll up, cheddar and mozzarella grilled cheese sandwich, and a tastier peanut butter and jelly. Along with the new food, each meal will come with new toys and desserts. Which Wich is slowly rolling out this new menu, as it is currently being tested in 15 markets.