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Who Says It's Too Early To Enjoy a Pumpkin Espresso? Not Dunkin'.

What new target market is Dunkin’ appealing to now? Pumpkin Spice Latte lovers.

The leaves may still be green and the flowers may still be blooming, but hey, that’s not stopping Dunkin’ from releasing their new menu dedicated to pumpkin enthusiasts. According to QSR, the coffee company is debuting an array of autumn-infused drinks and treats on Wednesday, August 21.

If that’s not enough to excite fans of flannel scarves, Dunkin’ will be revamping eight of their restaurants “by changing the store’s signage from Dunkin’ to Pumpkin’ and serving free pumpkin-flavored coffees and pumpkin-scented MUNCHKINS lip balm on August 14,” the article stated. 

New menu items include a variety of Pumpkin Flavored Coffees, a Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Signature Latte, an Apple Cider Donut and MUNCHKIN donut holes, Pumpkin Donut and Muffin and Pumpkin K-Cup Pods (for commuters who don’t have time to wait in the drive-thru). 

The coffee consumers’ desire for pumpkin-flavored-everything has been dominating businesses, with annual sales of pumpkin-flavored products up to 15.5% in 2018. According to Neilsen, “Brands continue to jump on the autumnal bandwagon, bringing to market new pumpkin-flavored offerings across categories.”

It’s the middle of August. What pumpkiny thing is your brand up to? 'Tis the season for pumpkin-spice everything!

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