Why I Chose JAN-PRO: The Hockensmith Family
Why I Chose JAN-PRO: The Hockensmith Family

In Colorado, the Hockensmiths make JAN-PRO the family business.

After spending years working in the corporate sales world for global companies, Scott Hockensmith and his eldest son, Scott Jr., decided to trade in their suits and ties for a chance to own their own business as a family. In 2002, Scott, his wife Candy and Scott Jr. teamed up to open the first JAN-PRO office in Colorado.

As master franchisees, the Hockensmiths took over a large territory—the entire Colorado Front Range area with their home-base in Denver. They began work providing the community with a commercial cleaning service and selling units within their territory to other entrepreneurs.

Today, the Hockensmiths' territory boasts 162 active units and counting. They have won numerous awards for their growth, sales and account retention.

So why did these sales executives at global companies choose this commercial cleaning brand in the first place? For the Hockensmiths, there were a lot of reasons.

Initially, the decision was based on practicality. “We chose JAN-PRO because it is a business that is easily expandable and is also recession-proof,” said Scott Jr.

That, paired with the company’s sterling reputation, consumer-friendly model and strong infrastructure attracted the Hockensmiths to the company.

But what really cemented the deal in the minds of this business-savvy family? The master franchisee model. The Hockensmiths realized that not only could they operate and grow a successful business, but that they could help other entrepreneurial spirits realize their dream of business ownership as well.

The family owns a large territory, but the master franchisee model allows them to sell smaller territories within that area to other eager potential business owners. This has given them the opportunity to help many others become business owners, who can grow and succeed while having the corporate support of a large brand.

This has added a unique aspect to being a JAN-PRO franchisee. Not only is the family able to spearhead the brands growth throughout the state, they make others’ dreams of entrepreneurship a reality.

Just look at successful Greeley unit owner Miler Huaynate. Miler emigrated to the U.S. from Peru for a better life with just $8.00 in his pocket. When he arrived in the U.S., Miler worked a variety of jobs and eventually was able to bring his family to join him.

When they moved to Greeley, Miler saw an ad in the paper for a company called JAN-PRO. Miler carried that cut out ad in his wallet for a long time before he finally called the number to set up an appointment with the Hockensmiths. The rest is history. Miler and his wife opened their JAN-PRO in 2004. Today they own a successful business, which employs 15 people. The Huaynates say they are living the “American Dream” thanks, in large part, to the Hockensmiths and JAN-PRO. He even still carries that newspaper ad around in his notebook today.