Why I Chose Your Pie
Why I Chose Your Pie

Florida franchisee is passionate about the fast casual pizza chain.

Dea Sims is showing Florida what great fast casual pizza is all about with Your Pie.

With two Your Pie franchise locations under her belt, Dea Sims is passionate about great pizza and spreading the Your Pie mission to her team members and customers. Sims became a franchisee in May 2014 and owns Your Pie locations in Fleming Island and Jacksonville. 1851 Franchise talked with Sims to find out how she knew Your Pie was the right fit for her, why she would recommend the brand to other franchisees, and learn what her favorite Your Pie pizza is.

1851: Why did you choose to open your own Your Pie?

Sims: My husband did the discovery, research and initial launch of the brand in North Florida based on his firsthand experience of Your Pie on a crazy, busy SEC game day in downtown Athens.

When my husband Mike said, "I think we should buy this franchise," I wasn’t so sure about it. My reaction was something along the lines of "Are you sure? We're really not restaurateurs. How about we just buy a lot of pizza and see if this feeling passes?"

We proceeded to try Your Pie in stores from Tampa to Charleston and just about everywhere in between and the feeling did not pass!

1851: What is your favorite thing about the Your Pie brand?

Sims: The Your Pie brand is authentic. I tell the Your Pie story of a young couple on their honeymoon that were inspired to carry on the family tradition of great food in the U.S. a dozen times a day. The fact that the story and mission rings trues and resonates with our team members, management and guests is critical.

The Your Pie mantra of "Food First" also runs a close second with me. All the marketing polish in the world is not going to make up for poor food quality.

1851: What is the best part about being a Your Pie franchisee?

Sims: It's a pleasure working and interacting with like-minded franchisees who are actively growing the brand in their respective markets. I also like the fact that Your Pie as a franchisor is young, dynamic and open to ideas from their franchisees.
1851: What advice would you offer other people looking at Your Pie for their next opportunity?

Sims: Run the numbers and take a close look at your immediate marketplace. Fast casual pizza is here to stay versus so many other concepts. Your Pie was the right fit for us and it may be right for you, too.

1851: What is your favorite Your Pie pizza?

Sims: I'm all about the Southern Heat pizza with fresh jalapeños and ranch dressing. I also love an icy cold Dogfish Head IPA to go with it, please and thank you!