Why I Signed on to Become a Franchisee
Why I Signed on to Become a Franchisee

5 franchisees on what they found in the discovery process that sealed the deal.

It’s not often that a franchisee signs on with the first brand they look at, and even those who do will, more often than not, look closely at a number of other brands before making a final decision. The vast majority of franchisees will do diligence on at least a handful of brands, some using brokers or expos to introduce a range of brands that align with their goals. The most meticulous franchisees will even attend multiple discovery days to personally interact with corporate teams before selecting a franchise. So, what seals the deal?

We talked to franchisees from five brands to learn what they found in their discovery process that made them commit to their franchise. Here’s what they had to say.

Tony Schottenbauer, Christian Brothers Automotive

Tony Schottenbauer, a franchisee in Phoenix, Arizona, found in Christian Brothers Automotive a brand that lived up to his personal values. That commitment, he said, was evident throughout the discovery process.

They didn’t just have Christian in the name, it was clear that their operations were all based on Christian values. My only goal is to treat customers with respect, and the Christian Brothers mission statement is to love your neighbor as yourself. So it’s easy. It’s like following the law. I work hard, but it comes naturally. It’s just a matter of treating people right.

Alan Eggleston, Lawn Doctor

Before opening his Lawn Doctor territory outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Alan Eggleston attended the brand’s discovery day, where he met Scott Frith, the franchise’s CEO. Eggleston said his meeting with Frith showed him that he’d receive a level of attention and engagement from Lawn Doctor’s corporate office that he wasn’t seeing from other brands.

I went out for the company’s discovery day, which allowed prospective owners to spend a few hours at both the manufacturing and group headquarters, and I met Scott there. We had dinner that evening, and it was basically a two-way interview. I got the idea from that conversation that I could really grow with Lawn Doctor, and I think Scott saw the same thing. I had met with a couple of other franchises, and I found them to be disorganized and slow to respond. With Lawn Doctor, I was asking all sorts of questions, and they were on top of every concern I had.

Preet Saini, McAlister’s Deli

Preet Saini is McAlister’s Deli’s first franchise owner in Arizona. Saini said the franchise’s discovery day was his opportunity to confirm all of the details about the brand’s food and business model that he hadn’t yet seen first hand.

First of all, we got to try the food, which was incredible. That was our first big hint that the brand was going to do well out here. But we also got the chance to ask a lot of questions and really dig into the business model, and that’s where we found what we were looking for. They’ve got a rock-solid corporate backing, and they have the ability to innovate and experiment as they grow. You see a lot of brands that can’t innovate or are unwilling to, and those are the brands that get boxed out when someone else comes along who is willing to innovate.

Geoff McGregor, Mosquito Hunters

Geoff and Brenda McGregor are preparing to open their first Mosquito Hunters territory in New England this year. Geoff said the couple was attracted to Mosquito Hunters in part because it would allow them to have an impact on their local community, but it was the people behind the brand that convinced them to sign up.

As we went through the process and got to know everyone on the team, the culture really stood out to us. It was something we wanted to be a part of. We had met with another brand, but these things often come down to people, and we really liked the people at Mosquito Hunters. It was a great fit. It is a young company and has a real energy to it, but it’s also respectful and professional.

Deepak Aggarwal, Togo’s

With his business partner Nick Radia, Deepak Aggarwal owns a Togo’s restaurant in Southern California, and the pair is planning to open a second soon. Aggarwal said their decision to go with Togo’s largely came down to the level of communication offered by the corporate team.

The discovery day gave us a chance to get to know the corporate team, and we became really excited about what they had to offer. We got the sense that we could call corporate at any hour and they’d be there to help. We met with the executive team, and we asked a million questions, and they answered each one. It just made us very comfortable