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Why MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes’ Franchise Owners Keep Coming Back for More

The better-burger franchise’s strong corporate support and taste for innovation encourage Franchise Owners to re-invest in the brand.

Selling new franchise locations and expanding into new territories are certain signs of growth within a franchise. But the true marker of success is whether current Franchise Owners are willing to re-invest with the brand and continue their journey with the same franchise. MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes, the 90-unit better-burger franchise, is experiencing just that as Franchise Owners new and old continue to exhibit confidence in the fast casual concept by committing to additional locations and expanding their MOOYAH portfolios. 

So, how does the brand continually encourage its Franchise Owners to not only stay on board but to increase their investment?

MOOYAH Continues To Innovate in the Traditional Fast Casual Space

Charles and LaVondra Coleman recently opened their second MOOYAH location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The couple’s son initially alerted them to the MOOYAH brand and encouraged them to look into the opportunity, but it was the MOOYAH business model and corporate team that really sealed the deal.

The Coleman’s took over an existing MOOYAH restaurant as their first location but opened a brand new MOOYAH restaurant not long after. Their experience gave them unique insight to the corporate support of the brand.

“What separated MOOYAH from other brands was its focus on people as well as operations,” said Charles. “That resonated with us. Our first entry into MOOYAH was taking over an existing location. The deal was time sensitive, and the corporate team was instrumental in helping that happen efficiently and quickly.”

The brand’s innovation and open-mindedness is another valuable element for the Colemans. MOOYAH recently revamped the look of its restaurants, giving them a more sleek and modern feel with increased seating and better pick-up options. MOOYAH is also launching its drive-thru concept this year and investing heavily in its technology services. All of these initiatives are done in an effort to improve the Guest experience and return on investment for Franchise Owners.

“MOOYAH does work to stay ahead of the curve,” said Coleman. “The decision to re-image was perfect and timely. The guidance and support we had through the height of the pandemic was also instrumental in helping us maneuver the year and come out ahead.”

MOOYAH Is There for Franchise Owners, in Good Times and Bad

The quick service restaurant industry was hard hit during the pandemic, and the brands that survived were those that were able to adapt and change quickly. Tareq Qarman, owner of two MOOYAH restaurants in Orlando, Florida, says that’s precisely what the company did.

“With all the unknown, I didn’t expect many answers during the pandemic,” said Qarman. “But I know the MOOYAH corporate team was always looking for answers. We worked together to implement new procedures to survive the year and also did weekly Zoom calls. Anytime I picked up the phone, there was always someone available to answer my call.”

Qarman is no stranger to the franchise world, owning two Ben & Jerry’s locations. He was attracted to MOOYAH’s family atmosphere, corporate culture and its focus on growing the brand. He is currently searching for a third MOOYAH location and would love to grow to 10 if the opportunity arises.

“The MOOYAH corporate team listens and implements changes,” said Qarman. “As a Franchise Owner, you can’t ask for much more from your franchisor. They’re really working to attract new operators and are upping the brand growth, which is very encouraging to see.”

MOOYAH’s Sizzling Future

Almost a quarter of MOOYAH’s Franchise Owners own multiple locations, and nearly half of the openings from 2020 through today were with existing Franchise Owners, pointing to the brand’s strong support system and business model. As MOOYAH seeks to expand into new states such as Ohio, the brand is certainly hoping to attract multi-unit owners to build out expanding markets.

Especially after a year like 2020, the fact that MOOYAH Franchise Owners are continuing to open new locations and re-invest with the brand is a testament to their confidence in the system.

“We are proud that after a really challenging year in restaurant operations, these valued Franchise Owners are deciding to continue to open locations,” said Mike Sebazco, MOOYAH’s Vice President of Operations. “I think it speaks to our leadership's dedication to supporting our partners and doing everything in our power to set them up for success. We're in talks with several existing Franchise Owners about opening new locations. Our future is looking strong."

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